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Schiller Institute November Conference—Putting Together a Model of What To Do

Nov. 5, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Glasgow climate spectacle will end a week from today as FLOP26, in terms of its pompous green grandiloquence, featuring royals and billionaires everywhere. But behind these optics, the core of the UN COP drive is green genocide, and it is not “over” with the end of the Glasgow Summit. It must be stopped.

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche today stressed that the COP26 proceedings to date make it clearer than ever before, that there is a “genocide lobby.” We are no longer in a phase of “analysis” of how the green demands will have a bad effect. The core Green Deal advocates know the lethal impact of their demands, and want to see people impoverished and dead.

The key platform for successful action to do stop this, dealing at the same time with the hyperinflationary breakdown now gathering force, is the Schiller Institute international conference and dialogue process, beginning the day immediately after COP26 ends, on Nov. 13-14, titled, “All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species!”

Leaders have begun to come forward, speaking out against the unacceptability of the green agenda, denouncing it in many ways, as “carbon colonialism,” and “green poverty,” and other accurate terms. This includes President Yoweri Museveni from Uganda, President Muhammadu Buhari from Nigeria, and President Luis Arce from Bolivia. China has repeatedly said that relief from poverty comes first, and only after that, come “climate” considerations.

Today’s situation has multiple, cross-feeding crises. On the pandemic front, look at the fourth wave of resurgence now in Europe. There is no way to overcome this virus, or the next one, without a world health security approach.

Look at the famine situation. There are 43 million people in 42 countries, in “famine”-level need of food, with starvation near, and an additional 120 million in “crisis” need, which means, they are only less bad off by a small degree. We could see 12 million die this year from starvation. The need is to rush food relief now and over the coming months, but will the food be there to mobilize?

The world stands on the edge of what President Vladimir Putin called last month at the Valdai Discussion Club, a potential global food crisis in coming months, if steps are not taken to assure the “quantity and quality of harvests” ahead. Referring to food as one of the “fundamental considerations” for international action right now, he offered to supply more Russian natural gas for nitrogen fertilizer production, and more Russian fertilizer itself, for the world food chain. He spoke of this on Oct. 21 at the annual Valdai Discussion Club meeting. But where is the response?

Food prices overall have shot up over 30% from October 2020 to October 2021, according to the monthly UN FAO Food Price Index (FFPI), that came out on Nov. 4. A leading component in this are grains of all kinds, whose production level remains barely 2.7 billion metric tons a year, when nearly 5 billion minimally is required. Grain (carryover) stocks are going down year by year. Now there are severe threats to coming crop seasons from the hyperinflation and shortages in fuel, fertilizer, and other input and harvest costs.

The proposal at COP26? Lock up more land and water out of agriculture and any other human activity, in order to preserve (non-human) “nature.” Africa is targeted blatantly. The U.S. State Department this week praised a new initiative titled, “COP26 Congo Basin Joint Donors’ Statement,” which will work to see that the Congo “forests and peatlands” are untouched by human activity, to serve as a world “carbon sink” to sequester carbon. The donors list features Jeff Bezos’ Earth First Fund, the United States, the European Commission, the U.K., and others.

In fact, at present, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has the highest number of people—over 20 million—in acute food need, of anywhere in the world. The COP26 ban on development of land, water and energy is a death sentence. What is required is massive emergency food relief, and an urgent start-up of the long-obstructed Central African infrastructure projects, and agro-industrial development, with the Transaqua program in the lead.

We do not know “how many options we still have,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed today, for stopping the genocide lobby, and steering a course back to morality and sanity. So activate now.

Join with others of the world’s anti-Malthusian fighters, to meet at the Schiller Institute conference Nov. 13-14, where we can put together a model of what to do.

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