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Lord Monckton Rips the Royals and the Climate Hoax

Nov. 6, 2021 (EIRNS)—Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, popular fixture on the “Climate Realist” circuit, with a flair for hyperbole, ripped into the royalty, the pretentious and the exalted who had come to Glasgow to push their zero carbon agenda. Lord Monckton took them to task, as if they were truant schoolboys, in a Nov. 2 presentation at the Heartland Institute counter-COP26 meeting in Glasgow.

“Your Majesty, your Royal Highnesses, your Holiness, your Eminences, your Graces, my Lords, Ladies, representatives, distinguished diplomatic, international, Uncle Tom Cobley, all here at the COP26 conference. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves because if you are honest, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. President, Sir David Attenborough, or Boaty McBoatface—I suppose we should really call you—you know perfectly well that you lack either the scientific or the statistical or the control theoretic or the economic knowledge or understanding; you lack the grasp of the scientific method and of the language of science that is mathematics, to be able to make any pronouncement whatsoever on whether or not global warming is a global crisis on whether or not we are at one minute to, or one minute past midnight, all of this sloganizing and platitude producing is shameful....”

Addressing himself to Prince Charles, he continued:

“Your Royal Highness now listen to this, you need to pay attention for once because I have warned you privately, and I warn you publicly that it is the constitutional obligation of a future constitutional monarch to remain absolutely silent on all matters of politics, and you may think, as Dr. Wilkerson pointed out, that there is such a consensus on all sides, that therefore, that somehow takes it out of politics! Well, let me remind you, for you perhaps have not read any history for some time, in the 1920s and ’30s, one hundred years ago, when all the major parties represented in Parliament—in fact, 425 of the 450 of the Members of Parliament then sitting—were in favor of appeasing Hitler’s Germany. And they were wrong to do so! So, you cannot say that just because there appears to be an albeit manufactured political consensus about global warming, that therefore, you are safe in pronouncing on this matter. If, sir, you wish to be King, then henceforth and for aye, be silent on all political matters, or you will have to resign the throne for yourself and for your heirs and successors forthwith and for all time. We are not prepared to accept a constitutional monarch who does not obey the necessary constraints upon a constitutional monarch. Be silent or go, sir.”

Lord Monckton gave a slideshow presentation debunking the various aspects of the climate change narrative.

However, on day two of the Heartland Institute conference, Monckton returned to his usual hysterical rant against Russia and China, the commie conspiracy, etc. So go the Lords and Ladies of the Empire.

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