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Changing the World Through This Schiller Institute Conference

Oct. 12, 2021 (EIRNS)—Two paths are before the world, in particular the trans-Atlantic world of North America and Europe, which thought that it had conquered and “ended history” 30 years ago, and instead has become dominated now by London- and Wall Street-centered financial oligarchies, and fallen behind.

When the Berlin Wall came down, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche set out a path of rapid Eurasian economic development by building new platforms of infrastructure, initiated by Lyndon LaRouche’s Poland agricultural development-for-peace proposal of 1988, delivered in a press conference in Berlin, later televised in his Presidential campaign. But since the bombing and fighting in the Balkans began, the British-directed path of the United States and Europe has been expanding NATO and fighting wars in less developed countries for three decades. This, while the path of development, economic and industrial, has been ignored and abandoned even in the “advanced” nations, denied to the rest. Withdrawing from those wars now, one by one, slowly, does not undo their devastation of the countries where they have been fought.

Those devastating wars and neglect of economic progress have set, now, nearly 300 million migrants wandering the world in a deadly global pandemic, large numbers of them living in poverty in camps and moving tent cities; and a tiny fraction of them, at the Polish border in Belarus, have become the focus of European sanctions and actions against Belarus and Russia which are threatening war again. The same migrants, arriving at Italy’s coast, are taken in every day at European Union orders! That is geopolitical madness, born of economic stagnation outside of military industries, born of technological stagnation and anti-scientific ideology, born of no new human productivity for many decades.

Over these two days, Nov. 13 and 14, the Schiller Institute’s international conference is presenting the path of development and potential, resulting peace: the economic reconstruction of the destroyed nations Afghanistan and Haiti by cooperation of the great powers America, Russia, and China; the building of modern health systems in every nation to fight pandemics; the rebuilding of our physical economic powers informed by Lyndon LaRouche’s principles; the development of individual human creativity. The conference is titled, “All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species!”

This conference’s two days of full discussion of this work agenda, by officials, scientists, other leading experts from all over Eurasia, North America, and the developing nations, is being conducted and broadcast on the Internet for the benefit of national leaderships and to move them to cooperative development for peace.

Listen to Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s concept on what is possible in Afghanistan in her conference invitation.

Let’s set the right stage for the Monday videoconference of Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, so that it can be something other than a tense standoff.

We need to hear the end of the shameful claims blasted out of the Glasgow climate summit for the last two weeks, that mankind is pollution upon the Earth. Those hypocritical royals, billionaires and bankers led by Prince Charles will sacrifice much of the human population to the lifestyles of a feudal oligarchy if we don’t stop them. Glasgow stank with the pessimism about humanity, bred of 50 years’ constant deindustrialization and sidelining of scientific and technological advance.

Let’s clear the atmosphere of it. Register to participate and bring others into the Schiller Institute conference.

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