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London Cries ‘Criminals!’ Against Developing Countries That Insist on Using Fossil Fuels

Nov. 14, 2021 (EIRNS)—With India singled out by name as the leader of the “fossil fuel lobby” which gutted the COP26 agreement of its anti-coal mandate, the London Guardian’s Environmental Editor John Vidal called upon governments committed to the Monarchy’s radical decarbonization plans to drop the charade of seeking a global “consensus,” demanding those countries which go along must gang-up unilaterally to crush nations which don’t capitulate. “Countries who take this crisis seriously must seize the initiative, and make the rest pariahs,” he cries.

What was the great crime of India, China, etc.? None of their leaders had denounced the entire “climate emergency” as a killer Malthusian fraud. But those big nations had refused to sign any document committing them to eliminating coal by some assigned schedule. Instead of committing to “phase out” coal, they only pledged to “phase down” coal. The wording gave everyone a way to save face while signing an agreement, so they all could go home.

EIR has not read the final statement yet, but the climate mafia admit that they did not succeed at COP26. Being forced to water down the coal language was the final straw. Evidently fearing his Royal master’s rage, Reuters reported that the British president of COP26 Alok Sharma, “his voice breaking with emotion,” had apologized to delegates at the end of the agreement “for the way this process has unfolded and I am deeply sorry.”

Sharma, however, was soon blustering to the press that India and China will “have to explain themselves” as to “why they did what they did.” He insists now that “we are on the way to consigning coal to history. This is an agreement we can build on.” Likewise, Biden climate envoy John Kerry, visibly annoyed, told journalists: “Did I appreciate we had to adjust one thing tonight in a very unusual way? No. But if we hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have a deal. I’ll take ‘phase it down’ and take the fight into next year.” And so it went with the other politicians’ public remarks.

Vidal’s Guardian column, however, echoed the mindset earlier displayed by Prince Charles: war is being prepared. “The only way 1.5° C can be achieved must now be for those countries who want progress to work outside the UN process.... Leaders may not agree, but they can force the changes they could not make in Glasgow.... Governments can take the gloves off, treat the few countries who are preventing climate action as criminals and reward those who do with trade deals, contracts, investments and aid,” Vidal wrote.

Note that he proposes that the World Health Organization be roped into providing cover for this murderous British imperial policy, by declaring “an immediate health emergency, making the link between the pandemic and the climate crisis, and explaining to politicians that climate change really is a life or death issue and will soon become the greatest challenge to human health that the world has ever known.”

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