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Putin on Russian Relations with China and with the U.S.

Nov. 19, 2021 (EIRNS)—During his address to the expanded meeting of Foreign Ministry Board on Nov. 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin reported that the center of gravity of the world’s politics and economy is shifting towards Asia and therefore Russia is continuing to develop its relations with Asian nations. “We will continue strengthening ties with our good neighbors and friends in the People’s Republic of China,” he said. “Our bilateral ties have now reached the highest level in history and amount to a comprehensive strategic partnership.” He stated that not everybody likes this. “Some of our Western partners are openly trying to drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing,” he said. “We are well aware of this. Together with our Chinese friends, we will continue responding to such attempts by expanding our political, economic and other cooperation, and coordinating steps in the world arena.”

On the other hand, Putin said,

“Russia-U.S. relations, which, as you know, largely underlie global security and stability ... to put it mildly, are in an unsatisfactory state. The diplomats from both countries are experiencing major problems. Embassy staffs have been cut and the embassies cannot function properly, let alone systematically engage in expanding bilateral ties. These are the consequences of the provocative policy pursued by U.S. authorities, which began to practice large-scale bans and restrictions for Russian diplomats five years ago.”


“the summit with President Biden in Geneva last June opened up a few opportunities for a dialogue and gradual alignment, straightening out our relations, and it is important that both sides consistently expand the agreements reached. Indeed, something is already being done, this much must be admitted: joint work has begun on the strategic stability and information security agenda. True, our interests, assessments, and positions on many bilateral and international issues differ.... However, I would like to say this again, we are open to contact and an exchange of views, to a constructive dialogue,”

said the President.

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