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Zepp-LaRouche: This Is a Moment in History When Decisions Will Be Made

Nov. 20, 2021 (EIRNS)—The manifest failure of the COP26 summit to get the entire world to drink the Kool-Aid of the British Empire’s Malthusian Green Reset policy—thanks principally to the resistance of developing countries such as India, Nigeria, Indonesia, China and also Russia—has bought the world a little time. But only a little.

The entire trans-Atlantic sector is still in the throes of a systemic breakdown crisis. Hyperinflation is still spinning out of control, now hitting food as well as energy supplies with increases of 30% per year and more. The physical economy continues to plummet, threatening the survival of entire nations. The COVID-19 pandemic is still rampaging out of control, worsened by the mass psychosis of the medievalist anti-vax cult. And the danger of U.S.-NATO geopolitical wars against Russia and China is rising by the day, deploying nuclear weapons closer and closer to Russia while the State Department explicitly threatens to take up arms against China.

“We have to have a rethinking,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche demanded in her weekly international webcast on Nov. 19.

“The United States, Germany and other European countries should stop this geopolitical confrontation and say: ‘We have a pandemic, we have mass famine, we have a refugee crisis of biblical dimensions, and we must join hands and build the infrastructure, hospitals, schools, industry, agriculture, in all of these countries, and then all the migrants would want to go home.’ Because most countries, and most people prefer to stay in their home country, than to be displaced in some corner of the world, where they don’t understand the language and have to suffer many aggressions.

“So let’s just build infrastructure! Let’s build up Africa!” Zepp-LaRouche insisted. “This is the natural thing, and the Chinese are doing the natural things and we should stop bickering about it, because we should take a moral lesson from the Chinese in this respect,”

and join with the Belt and Road Initiative which this week celebrated the eighth anniversary of its announcement in 2013.

Zepp-LaRouche continued:

“People should wake up, because this is a moment in history when decisions will be made. Whether mankind tumbles into a new crisis, sleepwalks into a new war, goes into a new depression; or, if we take the alternatives which exist. And they emphatically exist in the form of the Belt and Road Initiative which, China has said many times, is open for every country: for the United States, for Europe, for all.

“So rather than having this geopolitical obsession, I think people should just say: We have to concentrate on the common aims of mankind, and then we can all build a beautiful future together”

—with the economic, political and cultural road map developed by Lyndon LaRouche, and presented at the Schiller Institute’s just-concluded conference of Nov. 13-14.

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