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Doctors of 11 Hospitals in Russia Wrote Open Letter to No-Vax

Nov. 25, 2021 (EIRNS)—A group of prominent Russian doctors has published an open letter to No-Vax celebrities and politicians, inviting them to visit Covid-19 units in hospitals, in order to change their mind on vaccinations. The letter was published in Russian by TASS and reported, among other Western media, by Euronews.

“We are all a bit busy at the moment and you can guess why,” wrote Denis Protsenko, chief physician at Moscow’s main hospital treating COVID-19 patients. “But since many people are reading and listening to you, we will find time to arrange a tour of the ‘red zones,’ intensive care and pathology departments for you.... Maybe after that, you will change your mind and fewer people will die.”

Russia has registered more than 1,000 deaths from coronavirus every day for weeks, and officially has had more than 267,000 COVID-19 deaths in total. Only 37.2% of Russian adults are fully vaccinated.

The open letter by physicians was addressed to celebrities who have fuelled vaccine opposition. One of those addressed was TV personality Oskar Kutchera, who has 300,000 followers on Instagram and has openly questioned the effectiveness of the vaccines. Others include actor Egor Beroev—who compared vaccination certificates to the yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear in the Nazi era—and rock star Konstantin Kintchev, who said he did not want to “live in a digital concentration camp.” The reader will recognize arguments common to No-Vax zombies internationally.

Gennady Zyuganov, a member of the State Duma and leader of Russia’s Communist Party (CPRF), which has organized protests against mandatory vaccinations, was also addressed in the letter.

“We live in an age where the opinion of professionals in any industry can be easily dispelled by some famous person,” Protsenko said on Telegram. “Soon it will be two years since all my colleagues from different regions, doctors, nurses, have not left the red zone and are fighting for every patient. It is a real war, we are losing more than a thousand people every day who have not prepared their bodies to face the deadly virus.” Protsenko further argued that the consequences of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines were “scary.” “All of you who doubt the power of vaccination, argue about restrictive measures, and publicly mislead your supporters simply do not have the moral authority to ignore our open letter. I am sure that after visiting our red zones you will change your attitude and be on the side of medical common sense.”

The Kremlin has welcomed the initiative and has labelled the signatories as “hero doctors.” “Let’s hope that their authority will help at least some of these people to change their minds,” said spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

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