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New German Government Pursues Green Nightmare Economics

Nov. 25, 2021 (EIRNS)—The coalition agreement signed by the three parties in the new German government—Social Democrats, Greens, Free Democrats—sets extremely ambitious, and insane targets for the transformation of industry and energy into agencies of the climate-change hoax.

The exit from nuclear power by the end of 2022 stays; the exit from coal is to take place eight years earlier than previously planned, in 2030, by which time 80% of the national energy mix will ostensibly be coming from solar and wind power. Solar panels are to reach a capacity of 200 GW by 2030, wind power 30 GW (extended to 70 GW by 2045). All newly constructed buildings must have solar panels installed.

As a backup, the government coalition wants to approve new gas power facilities—which, however, are to be phased out beginning in 2040. By 2030, some 15 million e-cars are planned for Germany, along with the required re-charging stations.

In order to speed up the green transition, so-called “renewables” projects will have priority over nature protection—this being all the more scandalous, as initiatives in past years to grant such a priority to traditional industry and infrastructure projects have always been rejected. To help people “feel good” in the midst of the descent into chaos, the government will implement the full legalization of cannabis.

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