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Spain May Be a Model for Successful Fight Against Pandemic

Nov. 25, 2021 (EIRNS)—Whereas the rest of Europe is going into, or considering to go into, another lockdown lasting for weeks, Spain is not doing so. The 7-day incidence factor there being at 66 new cases per day, by far the lowest in all of Europe, Spain is benefitting from a successful vaccination campaign which has reached nearly 80% of the population; of those above 12 years old, 89% are inoculated; of those above 40 years old the figure is 96%.

There are no restrictions, no anti-vaccination protests, no lockdown. Every citizen was offered vaccination and a date for that by mail. The offer was accepted by the vast majority of the population without being threatened with force or punishment—as the debate in Germany goes. The Spanish have confidence in science, the medical sector, and in the government’s strategy, which in the summer also offered instant vaccinations to incoming tourists with a special vaccination facility built at Madrid Airport.

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