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Russians Warn That Time for Security Agreements Is Running Out

Dec. 21, 2021 (EIRNS)—In an interview Dec. 18 with Interfax, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stresses that the issue of mutually recognized security guarantees is too serious to allow any delay of talks about them. Talks must start now, the strategic situation is demanding constructive solutions.

As for the two Russian draft proposals for agreements with the United States and with NATO from Dec. 15, Ryabkov elaborates: “We are saying that there are no far-fetched things in the draft agreement with the United States or in the draft agreement on security guarantees with NATO, and, of course, we are saying this absolutely sincerely, firmly, and confidently. This is the Russian Federation’s position on issues affecting our fundamental security interests, a position that is free of rhetoric and expressed in the language of a treaty. No more, no less, and it should be treated as such.

“Therefore, when we say we need security guarantees, we naturally are proceeding from the assumption that the reply will be such as will make it possible to say: we have made headway in dealing with this package of key issues in such a manner as to see a substantial improvement in the security situation for us, to see a dramatic change for the better; we are no longer concerned about what may take place in the future in connection with the uninterrupted activities involving the buildup of military exercises, creation of infrastructure, redeployment of forces, reconnaissance flights, development of territories, and so on, practically in the entire Western sector, particularly in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea in recent time.

“The situation here could be stabilized through documents of this kind and their conclusion. It could be made better. Without them, however, the situation will remain extremely difficult and tense. No one should underestimate Moscow’s resolve to defend its national security interests. No one should treat lightly our statements regarding the dangerous nature of current developments.”

As TASS reports today, Moscow expects some practical steps from NATO and the U.S. to address Russia’s concerns over security, said Head of the Russian Delegation to the Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control in Vienna Konstantin Gavrilov, in an interview today on the “Solovyov Live” YouTube channel. “Time is becoming thin. We are waiting for concrete, real steps to address Russian concerns. The time has come,” Gavrilov said. He further remarked that NATO and the U.S. would likely try to digress from the strategic stability issue. However, the Russian diplomat affirmed that the West was aware of Moscow’s serious intentions.

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