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Beyond Multipolarity

March 31, 2022 (EIRNS)—The futile attempt to maintain the presumably unipolar world of the last three decades could lead only to civilization-ending nuclear warfare, with green-tinged destruction of the physical economy along the way. Although that is the path that the Anglo-American establishment appears to have committed itself to, it is a course that increasing portions of the world are abandoning—in thought, and in action.

In a case of devastating overreach, the new level of weaponization of the supposedly “U.S.” dollar sends a clear message: abandon this currency! Already ruble-rupee and ruble-yuan trade is increasing. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is lauding the potential for the BRICS to establish a new financial system. African nations, called upon to make a choice between the “democratic” West and a purportedly “autocratic” alternative, no longer behave as their former colonizers intended.

Although trans-Atlantic “elites” are behaving like rabid animals, bellowing demands at the world to join them in crushing Russia and China, a new security and development architecture is coming into being. In Pakistan, for example, Prime Minister Imran Khan is boisterously countering a foreign attempt to destroy Pakistan’s government through a vote of no confidence, in an assault on the much-vaunted “national sovereignty” that was mercilessly crushed in the destruction and killing of that country’s Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977. As Victoria “F*** the EU” Nuland lectures the EU and African nations about the perils of China and Russia, both nations are among those meeting in Anhui, China, to discuss the future of Afghanistan and its neighbors, on the basis of sovereignty and development.

The Good can succeed!

Shall we permit ourselves the optimism to think through what form the new world will take? And will we demand of ourselves (and others!) the implemented morality of bringing it about?

“How should we attempt to estimate, beforehand, why and how ... two generations ahead could judge the results of our agreement to act in concert now?” asks Lyndon LaRouche in his Dec. 19, 2004 article, “The Dialogue of Eurasian Civilizations: Earth’s Next Fifty Years.” He answers, “The implicit basis for competent foreknowledge of the competence of our choices, lies not in the experience of the past, but the competence of our experience of the future.” (Emphasis in original.)

Experience that future on April 9, at the Schiller Institute’s Conference To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations! The four-session conference will develop an experience of the security, economic, and development architecture of the needed new paradigm, and point the way towards overcoming what were otherwise a civilization-ending tragedy,

“The great, often fatal error, is to ignore the reality, that the desired solutions exist only, as in physical science, in discovering new principles which rightly, but also often abrasively, overturn most of everything which generally accepted opinion might have presently tended to believe. Usually, unfortunately, the mistaken assumption has been made, that the previous crisis was a product of the violation of some traditional set of values, when, in fact, it was caused by a failure to carry out a needed violation of that set of values, as the case of Benjamin Franklin’s Leibnizian American Revolution, like Schiller’s treatment of the real-life case of Wallenstein, illustrates that principle.” (Emphasis in original.)

Which habitual, wrong values are you willing, lawfully, to violate?

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