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Face the Danger of World War—Join the One Real Effort To Prevent It from Happening

April 4, 2022 (EIRNS)—The NATO alliance and Russia are sliding further down the slope toward nuclear war, and no sane person can deny that now. The British Empire and United States will now be demanding from NATO allies a full embargo of Russia, compounding—if they agree to it—the economic disasters hitting European and threatening developing nations. President Joe Biden, the personified sleepwalker into World War III, walked over to reporters and Andrews Air Force Base today and angrily shouted, “Putin is a war criminal. He’s got to be brought to account for war crimes”—making any significant negotiation of any kind, about any crisis, almost impossible between the two biggest nuclear weapons powers. And on the most “liberal” of U.S. television networks, MSNBC, both a Pentagon “expert” and his interviewer insanely agreed that NATO powers should now directly conduct a military assault on Russia.

The United Nations Security Council is supposed to meet on April 5 in the afternoon, at request of Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy, to discuss alleged war crimes and whether they are false-flag attacks.

In the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, Ukraine’s government and journalists claim dozens of prisoners, whom they say were civilians, were bound and killed by Russian troops some time before March 30.

A videotape made days before that, shows a live scene of Russian POWs in Vilkhivka near Kharkiv—also bound—being shot, maimed, some apparently killed by soldiers with Ukrainian insignia. “The actions depicted would be considered war crimes under the Geneva Conventions,” one expert was quoted.

But the latter war crime tape was all but completely ignored in U.S. and European media; a Ukrainian official finally promised an investigation, and the matter dropped completely from public sight; while the former, alleged Russian war crimes set the trans-Atlantic political world and its media ablaze with cries of “genocide,” calls for total economic embargo and wider war.

The hypocrisy is the product of British geopolitics now gone wild, and trying to divide the world into blocs at war the better to impose the deepest economic austerity.

No counterforce can compare to the Schiller Institute through its April 9 conference and the worldwide mobilization around it, to create the way out of this danger of combined economic and war catastrophe. “This is the most serious effort on the planet,” as the chief conference organizer, Schiller Institute founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche said today of the conference, for which more than 1,000 activists around the world are already fully registered. “No one else is describing a way out,” she said, both for the nations of Eurasia and those of Europe whose populations have not signed up to “freeze for freedom.” And in the developing nations there is real alarm and rebellion against the new attempt to divide the world into warring blocs under economic deprivation, famine and disease. Highly experienced and qualified speakers on economic development and strategy, from all over the developing countries, Europe and America, are serving also to recruit their own colleagues and backers to the conference process. International media coverage of the speakers has already begun and will grow into and after the conference itself.

This is how the way to resolve the most serious crisis of mankind in this century will be found. Sign the petition here.

Tell your colleagues you’ve done it and get them to sign.

Register for the April 9 conference. Tell your colleagues you’ve done it and get them to register.

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