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Our Time Has Come!

April 12, 2022 (EIRNS)—The durable survival of humanity, in a condition of joyous and thriving growth, demands, immediately, that the guiding paradigm of the Anglo-American elite—through institutions financial, environmental, military, academic, and propagandistic—be immediately replaced with a new paradigm in coherence with the true nature of mankind as the only known species capable of creative reason.

The Schiller Institute delivered the world a powerful dialogue to that end this weekend, with its conference for a new security and development architecture for all nations of the world. Top leaders representing nations and institutes from the world’s continents and cultures assembled for a dialogue with its share of disagreements, and guided by a shared commitment to allow reason the freedom to exert itself.

The example provided by that discussion allows us to confront directly a reality that we are encouraged to hold at a distance: Where would the many decisions, large and small, taken by the Anglo-American establishment (including NATO and the EU) to provoke Russia and China lead? Is the cataclysmic “game over” of nuclear confrontation a possibility we can internalize?

On a per-population basis, the majority of the world’s people have not voted against Russia at the UN. The world’s largest democracy, India, has refused to join in the massive sanctions imposed on that nation. The African Union, loathe to be dragged into the Ukraine-Russia (read NATO-Russia) conflict, has not yet responded to Zelenskyy’s call to speak before it, and Kenya, one of the two African nations currently serving on the UN Security Council, has denied his request to address its parliament.

Yet the suicidal pressure continues, destroying European industry through sanctions, deflecting meaningful discussion of internal improvements, and accelerating efforts to destroy energy security by ending the use of hydrocarbons.

This is not a game that can be won. But it is one in which we could all lose.

Zoom out. Over historical time, human success comes not from learning the rules of human-devised games, but in learning to truthfully break rules, of society, art, or science. Johannes Kepler achieved the first breakthroughs of modern science by breaking with past approaches, not by learning how to better apply them. The United States became the world’s most powerful economy by implementing an economic system that broke with the British imperial model. Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche movement have come to occupy an indispensable potential today by breaking, lawfully, with the hum-drum rules of politics.

This is a time to ensure that your actions matter.

Abandon geopolitics. Surpass economic theories that trace value from either money or labor. Laugh at epistemic theories that value authority or identity. Leave behind the green cult of Malthus.

Freed of these imperial views, are there any limits to growth?

Let us embrace the goal of enthroning the pursuit of human reason as the highest of aims, and identify the immediate elimination of poverty and the development of an infrastructure capable of providing all human beings with health care as proximate points along that path.

The LaRouche movement’s time has come!

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