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Create the Preconditions for Humanity To Survive

April 14, 2022 (EIRNS)—Less than a week has passed since the Schiller Institute international conference, “For a Conference To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations,” whose participation and level of discussion signify that humanity can survive today’s crises of existence that we face in the form of nuclear war danger, economic breakdown, and cultural degradation. What is critical is building the momentum to get out the truth and policies in the common interest.

An important development perspective will be presented at an April 15 event sponsored by the China Academy for Social Sciences, at a forum titled, “China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Connectivity and Cooperation under the Perspective of ‘Belt and Road.’ ” Hussein Askary, Schiller Institute Southwest Asia Coordinator, will participate with concrete programmatic proposals.

Another development perspective was presented yesterday during the meeting chaired by President Vladimir Putin on programs for the development of the Arctic, which he said were a top priority. He described certain specific infrastructure requirements that will enable energy, transportation, and trade. The Northern Sea Route, already in action, is a priority. Then there is the long-planned Northern Latitudinal Railway corridor which, he said, would add capacity to the continental grid, which otherwise is confined to the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Baikal-Amur Mainline, or BAM.

What can enable these proposals for Eurasia, and for other parts of the globe, to become reality, is the kind of progress-serving economic architecture described in the March 28 Schiller Institute policy proposal, “The LaRouche Plan for a New International Economic Architecture,” now getting larger attention and wider circulation post-conference, including in Spanish.

The critical element involved, is understanding the metric of productivity of human progress, as laid out thoroughly by Lyndon LaRouche in the 2004 monograph, “On the Subject of Tariffs and Trade.” This is serialized in three-parts this month in the weekly EIR.

Opposed to the very premises of global development, the forces of Global NATO are in hyper-deployment for economic, as well as for military Armageddon. Not just sanctions directly against Russia, but “third-party” sanctions are the order of the day. This morning U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, speaking at the Economic Club in Washington, D.C., said that within the next two weeks, the White House would announce “enforcement” measures against Russia or against other nations he called “targets” that might be helping Russia evade sanctions. Yesterday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen went out of her way to single out China, for being “on the fence” regarding Russia. Yellen’s message to China was unequivocal:

“Let me now say a few words to those countries that are currently sitting on the fence, perhaps seeing an opportunity to gain by preserving their relationship with Russia and backfilling the void left by others. Such motivations are shortsighted. And let’s be clear, the unified coalition of sanctioning countries will not be indifferent to actions that undermine the sanctions we’ve put in place.”

The U.S. is likewise pressuring other nations to get in line with Global NATO, from Argentina to India, against Russia and China. All the while, Global NATO pushes policies destroying the means to life, for example, in energy and food. This week in Iowa—center of the U.S. corn belt, which accounts for over a third of the world’s annual corn harvest, President Biden, joined by top-ranking Republicans, congratulated themselves on approving new, sweeping plans for using more U.S. corn for fuel. A stupid, immoral energy and food policy, and at the same time, they are causing the ruin of farmers.

In fact, the world food crisis is already entering into new levels of want and suffering, to the point of breakdown into social chaos.

This is the moment to join and spread the policy leadership drive seen in the April 9 Schiller Institute conference. Among upcoming initiatives is a Schiller Institute world youth conference, and meantime, the opportunities are wide open for collaboration to bring about the conference for a new security and development architecture for all nations.

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