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Beyond Narratives: Human Creativity as Both the Means of Creating Policy and Its Goal

April 19, 2022 (EIRNS)—An exponentially widening disconnect exists between the words spoken by the trans-Atlantic elite and the reality to which those words are meant to apply.

The growing gulf between such uttered sounds as “democracy,” “freedom,” or “human rights” and the reality of the destruction visited by self-proclaimed promoters of those supposed virtues upon such nations as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine, can no longer be bridged by reference to a better United States in the past or transparently manufactured propaganda of the “Russia bad!” variety.

The attempt to maintain the unipolar world that came into being with the fall of the Soviet Union cannot succeed—the trans-Atlantic economies are entering an accelerating spiral of hyperinflation and physical economic breakdown, a process fed not by Vladimir Putin, but by the abandonment of physical economics, in favor of oligarchical financialization and colonial looting.

The future (and present) citizens of the nations of this planet (emphatically including the U.S. and NATO-EU nations) demand, and deserve, a better security and development architecture—one devoted to the creativity unique to the human species among all known life.

Unlike our fellow members of the mere biosphere, we can transform, in a moment, with a new idea, a profound intention, our relationship to all of nature and each other. This power of creative discovery is the ultimate source of economic value.

And an impassioned drive to make and implement those breakthroughs is itself the state of mind required to discern truth from narrative, the real world of political change from set moves on a pre-determined chessboard.

The unique role of the LaRouche movement in bringing about a discussion process commensurate with social facilitation of individual discovery, was recently unintentionally reflected in a Politico article on Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

While such an individual should be highly in demand for interviews to better understand Russia’s position and goals, the article presents him as essentially twiddling his thumbs in the embassy, as his staff disappear through visa non-renewals and outright expulsions. The one notable exception was Antonov’s participation in the April 9 Schiller Institute conference, at which representative thinkers representing key nations in the world discussed, deliberated, sometimes disagreed, and determined themselves to collaborate on shaping a world of peace, development, and scientific and cultural fulfillment.

These are the contours of the world that can be ours, if we act swiftly to derail the course towards nuclear warfare that threatens to engulf the planet, suddenly, and as may appear to fools, accidentally, in just a matter of terrifying minutes from which there were no return.

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