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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Message for the New Year

Dec. 31, 2021 (EIRNS)—This coming year is going to be one in which a lot of very crucial strategic issues will come to a head, where humanity is being confronted with choosing a path; a path to either solutions which will bring mankind into a New Paradigm, or a path to Hell. That is why I want to officially declare 2022 the year of my late husband, Lyndon LaRouche, because it is his 100th birthday.

There is no more adequate way to celebrate this great man and the incredible richness of the works he had produced, than to declare 2022 the year of Lyndon LaRouche. I already can promise that we will conduct many meetings, conferences, and seminars. We will publish the second volume of his collected works—that is, by the LaRouche Legacy Foundation. We will make everything possible that the solution which Lyndon LaRouche offered to the strategic situation, to the economic crisis, to the cultural crisis; that these solutions will be on the table for every responsible government and parliament around the world to consider. I think this will be a very fruitful endeavor, so I invite all of you to join with us in the celebration of Lyndon LaRouche for the entire year.

Having said that, I think that the situation around the US-Russia strategic crisis is still one of incredible danger, because this has been building up for more than 30 years, since the end of the Soviet Union. It has now reached a point where a solution has to occur. President Putin has responded to the endless series of provocations coming from NATO, by demanding legally binding treaties which will guarantee the security of Russia. Not only was this the subject of discussion between Presidents Biden and Putin in the discussion they just had yesterday, but it will be the issue of discussion on January 9th and 10th in Geneva between the United States and Russia for two days. Then on January 12th, it will be discussed in Brussels between NATO and Russia, and then on the 13th, it will be a discussion among the OSCE in Vienna. That is the framework where results have to be produced. Both President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov have said clearly that they will not agree anymore to just have long talks which will be then used in the meantime to build up the weapons systems along the Russian border in Ukraine, the Baltics, and other states. They want written, legally binding guarantees, having in mind that there has been a long history of deception on the side of NATO.

I think this is something every concerned citizen, patriot, world citizen should be on the side of demanding that these treaties must be signed, because any continuous escalation has the danger of leading to nuclear war. Given the fact that the head of the US Strategic Command, Admiral Richard, had already in February instructed the Pentagon to requalify the likelihood of nuclear war from not likely to very likely. Naturally, the situation between the United States and China also is similarly tense. Therefore, we should really mobilize all to create an environment where the world returns to reason. We need a completely new security architecture; namely, what was on the table in 1990 and ‘91, where the option existed to include Russia into NATO, or to abandon NATO and create a completely new security architecture. That should be emphatically on the table for this coming year, and that security architecture must also take into account the security interests of Russia and China for it to be a valid one.

There is the danger, and Foreign Minister Lavrov has warned again that if there would be the option to have provocations, basically done by private military agencies in East Ukraine, or anything like that, that this will find a very harsh response. Putin has said very clearly there is no longer the question of Russia drawing red lines. Russia has been pushed into a situation where they have no more room to go. That is why this is a point of no return, and a solution must be found; which really means humanity has to go back to being the reasonable species and not continuing a course of confrontation which threatens the extinction of the entire human species

• Editor’s Note: EIR Daily Alert will skip publishing on New Year’s Day (for Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022). The first two issues in 2022 will appear on Saturday, Jan. 1 and Monday, Jan. 3.

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