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EU’s Borrell and Ukraine’s Kuleba Visited Luhansk Perimeter

Jan. 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—The European Union Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell joined Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba today to visit the Luhansk region where it borders the breakaway “Luhansk People’s Republic,” in eastern Ukraine on the border with Russia, after which they gave a press conference.  On the second day of his visit. Borrell outdid himself, proclaiming wrongly that Russia “has been massing troops and weapons in an unusual manner around the Ukrainian borders.” Plus, he maintained,

“There is this request to discuss two Treaties that Russia has been presenting, willing to talk about the security in Europe. But we are no longer in the Yalta times. The delineation of the spheres of influence of the two big powers does not belong in 2022. The security of Europe and the security in Ukraine—because Ukraine is part of Europe—is something that first and foremost affects Ukrainians, and Europeans....”

He otherwise conceded that he believes in dialogue and efforts “to avoid increasing tensions.”

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