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NATO To Hold Ministerial Meeting Jan. 7, Ahead of NATO-Russia Council Meeting

Jan. 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—NATO has announced that it will convene a virtual foreign ministers meeting on Jan. 7 to assess the situation in Ukraine and discuss the upcoming talks with Russia. A NATO official told TASS that “any dialogue with Russia would have to proceed on the basis of reciprocity, address NATO’s concerns about Russia’s actions, be based on the core principles and foundational documents of European security, and take place in consultation with NATO’s European Partners.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told TASS that the NATO ministers meeting is more likely to aggravate tensions between Russia and the alliance than lessen them.

“We expect such steps from the alliance. Usually, the NATO-Russia Council was always preceded either by the meetings of the NATO-Ukraine Commission or the meetings of the North Atlantic Council. These are some signals that NATO is sending to us that they are concerned about the alleged concentration of Russian forces,” Grushko said. “All this fits into their line aimed at increasing tensions around the internal Ukrainian crisis, the line of portraying Russia as a party to the conflict. There is nothing surprising here.”

Grushko, who was Russia’s ambassador to NATO from 2012 until 2018, also confirmed that he will be leading the Russian delegation to the NATO-Russia Council meeting on Jan. 12. “The delegation brings together representatives of the Foreign Ministry and defense officials. I will be heading [the delegates] of the Foreign Ministry,” he said in response to a question.

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