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IMF Not-So-Veiled Warning of Coming Global Economic Crash

Jan. 10, 2022 (EIRNS)—In a not-so-veiled warning of a coming financial crash, the International Monetary Fund admonished today that emerging markets could be seriously affected once the U.S. Federal Reserve starts to tighten monetary policy—especially countries with high inflation. They warn capital could be rapidly withdrawn from these countries.

Posting on its blog, the IMF said:

“Broad-based U.S. wage inflation or sustained supply bottlenecks could boost prices more than anticipated and fuel expectations for more rapid inflation. Faster Fed rate increases in response could rattle financial markets and tighten financial conditions globally. These developments could come with a slowing of U.S. demand and trade and may lead to capital outflows and currency depreciation in emerging markets.”

According to a report in the London Guardian, the Fed is expected to end its asset-purchase program in March, and to raise interest rates three times this year. One U.S. bank has predicted four such rate hikes in 2022.

Although the Guardian does not mention it, Turkey, which has 36% inflation and whose currency is collapsing against the dollar, with over $600 billion in public and private foreign debt, is a prime candidate for a disaster which could contribute to initiating the global crash.

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