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Financial Times Forced To Confront Afghan Misery—A Solution Requires Your Efforts

Jan. 16, 2022 (EIRNS)—In an article posted on Jan. 16, the Financial Times has acknowledged that the collapsing value of the Afghan currency—the afghani—combined with the shortage of cash, is causing an untenable situation in the country, with millions facing hunger and death.

In its typical style—dispassionate when discussing human beings, outside the context of a geopolitical human-rights stunt—the FT accurately reports that 80% of the government’s budget has been cut off, and over $9 billion in central bank reserves frozen.

The article quotes Grame Smith from the International Crisis Group, and Shah Mehrabi, a board member of the Da Afghanistan Bank central bank who has given interviews and spoken at Schiller Institute events, but FT does not convey anything approaching the desperation of the situation.

While U.S. institutions recognize that the U.S. will be blamed for allowing a humanitarian disaster of the greatest dimensions, the Brits don’t mind a little depopulation and are happy to let the Americans take the blame for as many as 10-20 million Afghan deaths.

By challenging the depraved indifference that tolerates and encourages conditions of mass death in Afghanistan and around the world, you can play a role in bringing into being the future that humanity truly deserves.

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