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Former Austrian Foreign Minister Exposes British Hand Behind Ukraine Escalation

Jan. 29, 2022 (EIRNS)—In an interview published yesterday with RT’s German language program, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl says the war threat over Ukraine is a “picture that emerges but does not quite correspond to reality, it is a reality that the media have manufactured.” Ironically, in the meantime, Kneissl points out, some of these forecasts of a Russian invasion which never occurred are already overdue.

Not even the government of Ukraine (which one would think would know best, especially since it is supposedly directly “threatened”) sees such an imminent invasion, Kneissl points out—and quotes its President Zelenskyy saying: “Please calm down a bit.” Karin Kneissl sees this rhetorical fanfare in the collective West as a sign of “war euphoria.”

“The British in particular are jumping into the breach, so to speak, and want to be more papal than the pope,” Kneissl remarked. The fact that the deployment of more and more weapons and even troops from NATO countries into Ukraine is being made palatable to the public, but that the risk of an actual outbreak of conflict is growing as a result, i.e., that it is literally being conjured up, although it is precisely the European NATO countries that must be most concerned to avoid it: In the event of such a development, they would have the worst cards.

Kneissl, who had been a reporter during the NATO troops’ mission to Kosovo and has lectured at military academies with NATO representatives, knows this firsthand. She cites the most recent example: “The debacle in Afghanistan last August should actually lead to a ‘maneuver critique,’ asking: ‘What was done wrong, what did we not achieve, and why?’ ”

“And this debacle, in which tribal guerillas, 75,000 in number, brought NATO to its knees, so that one day they took flight and were not even able to evacuate staff correctly—that should give you food for thought, to ask to what extent are you really ready for action in this new challenge that you partly also helped to provoke yourself?”

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