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Ukraine’s Defense Minister Insists Nothing Is Happening on the Border with Russia

Jan. 29, 2022 (EIRNS)—In remarks before Ukraine’s unicameral Verkhovna Rada yesterday, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov broke further with the Biden Administration’s narrative of an “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border at this time is no different from what it was in the spring of last year,” he said, reported TASS. “Now there are no significant actions or phenomena.”

Reznikov also claimed that the number of anti-tank weapons in the possession of the Ukrainian military now exceeds the number of available targets. “I can’t say the exact amount we received in aid, but I can say that it is more optimistic than the media reports,” he said. He added that “the number of modern anti-tank weapons that our military has today—Stuhna, Korsar, Javelin and other systems—exceeds significantly the number of potential targets.”

Hours later, another 747 cargo jet, the fourth in a week, landed at Boryspil International Airport, outside Kiev. “Next week we are waiting for the next planes from the United States with military-technical assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities,” Reznikov said on Twitter.

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