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German Farmer Calculates, EU Green Deal Will Cut Food Needs for 400 Million People To Live

Feb. 1, 2022 (EIRNS)—On Jan. 23, the Schiller Institute posted a short video, “Food Crisis: Why Are Farmers Not Allowed To Produce Food?” Among the responses to the video from around the world, a German farmer supplied his calculations that if the EU Green Deal “Farm-to-Fork” dictates are enforced, food for 400 million people will not be produced. On Jan. 24, the German farmer wrote on Facebook (translated by EIR):

“The EU Biodiversity Strategy, or Green Deal, which is to be implemented to protect nature, habitats and animals (especially insects), creates serious consequences for world food. Please read the following. The calculations are based on realistic values which were partly rounded.

“Just by the single regulation that in Europe 25% of agriculture must be ‘organic,’ 145 million fewer people can be fed. (Conventional agriculture requires 2,000 m², organic agriculture 6,000 m², to feed one person.)

“10% set-aside Europewide, takes 17.4 million hectares of land out of production, which means feeding another 87 million fewer people!

“50% plant protection (pesticide) reduction will mean another 20% less in yields, depriving another 112.5 million people of food!

“20% fertilization below what is required will bring down yield about another 10%, which equals 56.25 million people not having food.

“These measures altogether add up to 400 million fewer humans—according to European standards and/or consumption—who can be fed after implementation of this EU regulation. If one considers that, for an African, for whom perhaps half of this food volume is enough for living [i.e., the food is consumed directly for subsistence, and not through the animal protein chain], these Green Deal regulations take away food for 800 million people. This comes in addition to the fact that 24,000 humans already starve every day worldwide!

“The 400 million people will certainly not starve in Europe, because the rich countries will buy the food away from the poor countries. Thus, additionally these 400 and/or 800 million humans in the poor countries, will have to starve, and yet it goes unnoticed in Europe.

“With it, the EU certainly goes down in history! For comparison: In the Second World War, 60 million humans perished in 6 years!

“Everyone who demands that [Green Deal] must also bear responsibility for it!”

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