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Croatian President on War Danger: It’s the British, Stupid!

Feb. 4, 2022 (EIRNS)—He may not be making any friends in his own government, but Croatian President Zoran Milanovic is identifying the true culprit in the drive for war against Russia: Her Majesty’s government in London. In statements reported by Euractiv, Milanovic argued that there is no European or EU stability without Russia: “Russia is a factor in that equation, and we should have an agreement with Russia,” he said. Milanovic accused Britain of “inciting” and believes that pushing Ukraine towards the confrontation with Russia is “irresponsible.”

Milanovic reportedly snubbed U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace when he stopped in Zagreb earlier this week. When asked why, the President told journalists he does not meet with defense ministers. “I don’t even know the name of this one. I meet possibly with those of foreign affairs, possibly Russia, America. I have nothing to talk to the ministers, especially the United Kingdom. I do not meet with the defense ministers except the superpowers. The U.K. has left the EU, and this gives it less importance,” the President said.

Milanovic concluded by accusing Britain of “misleading Ukraine, inciting it, and holding it hostage to the relationship between London, which has become a second-order power, and Washington.”

The government clearly has a different view, however, not only welcoming Wallace, but also signing an agreement on strategic partnership between the two defense ministries and a deal that regulates the strengthening of the relations within NATO, the Western Balkans, coping with hybrid threats, and cooperation in upgrading the interoperability of the two countries’ armed forces.

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