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The Unipolar World Is at Its End. Will You Go with It?

Feb. 3, 2022 (EIRNS)—The days of Anglo-American-NATO hegemony are over. Will that oligarchical reign end in the hell of thermonuclear obliteration by thousands of hydrogen bombs? Or will it be overcome by the people of the U.S. and other trans-Atlantic nations throwing off their self-imposed shackles to demand a new mission of progress and growth for all people of the planet?

With every passing day, the potential to organize people out of their day-to-day activity grows.

• This potential takes force from the gathering danger of war—thermonuclear war—that could be unleashed by design or by what would be called, in the realm of events, “an accident,” but which would simply be an included feature of the Anglo-American-NATO created geopolitical environment against which Russia is raising its just and insistent demands. (In a recent example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised Ukraine the noose-like support of his nation’s military and diplomatic “assistance.”)

• This opportunity for change is fed by the economic collapse brought on by the twin factors of a relentless financialization of the economy—whereby a shrinking productive layer is squeezed harder and harder still to extract growing wealth for the oligarchy and its pathetic lackeys—and the direct and intentional destruction of the physical potential of the economy, and massive depopulation, under the guise of achieving “green” goals.

• But the greatest impulse towards an enlivened sense of human potential—and the accompanying impulsion to cast off injustice—comes from visions of the future: development initiatives crafted by Lyndon LaRouche and his movement over decades, China’s meteoric growth and its Belt and Road Initiative, Russia’s rock-solid commitment to multipolarity and sovereignty, and the electrifying moments of inspiration sparked by scientific discovery and works of cultural beauty.

In Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on Feb. 4, the next level of their collaboration in the fields of economy, science, medicine, and security cooperation. China has conquered extreme poverty within its borders, and it has addressed a threat of terrorism in its western Xinjiang region in a way far superior to the treatment of Afghanistan at the hands of the West, whose spokespeople cry alligator tears for the suppression of Muslim Uyghurs while murdering the people of Afghanistan through starvation brought on by withholding that nation’s rightful financial resources—not to speak of the refusal to provide the additional development collaboration that should be provided by its repentant erstwhile occupiers.

The interests of the people of the U.S., of Canada, of Ibero America, of Europe, lie not with the grotesque geopolitical system of the Anglo-American oligarchy, but in repudiating that outlook in exchange for the joy of collaboration, of international friendship, of joint work to expand humanity’s powers in outer space and our mastery of the subatomic domain. The war-time propaganda of the legacy media and the social media censors must be defeated.

The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute play the key international role in bringing together the shared interests of Russia, China, India, and the United States, and identifying the deadly axioms that cause people to choose their own doom.

The future is human, not green!

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