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Murdoch’s News Corp Accuses China of Cyber Attack

Feb. 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—News Corp, the New York-based media and publishing company owned by Rupert Murdoch, alleged on Feb. 4 that hackers breached a “limited number” of its journalists’ email accounts in January, according to RT. News Corp hired Mandiant, the cybersecurity firm which has been accusing China of virtually every hack job since 2013. They concluded China “probably” was to blame. News Corp notified the FBI, and Christopher Wray will certainly seize yet another opportunity to smear China.

News Corp said the hack affected the Wall Street Journal, as well as The Sun (owned by News Corp) and The Times in Britain.

Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, told the media that while he was not aware of the hack, he hoped “that there can be a professional, responsible and evidence-based approach to identifying cyber-related incidents,” as opposed to “making allegations based on speculations,” RT reported.

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