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Putin and Scholz Hold Three-Hour Talks, a ‘Good Starting Point’

Feb. 15, 2022 (EIRNS)—That was the evaluation given by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin after their three-plus hours of talks today. According to one TASS account, the talks “received high marks from both of them: the Russian president noted its business-like atmosphere, while the German chancellor—that not a single subject was omitted.”

“It was a very intensive, very trusting conversation,” Scholz told German journalists in Moscow today, Sputnik Germany reported. He said that they had talked openly about all the issues. “This is a good starting point, given the difficult challenges we face.”

In his opening remarks at their joint press conference, Scholz said, among other things: “During our talks, President Putin told me about his consultations with [Russia’s] Foreign and Defense ministers. He spoke about this. I agree, diplomatic opportunities have not yet been exhausted. Now it is necessary to work with dedication and courage to peacefully resolve this crisis. We are hearing that some units are being withdrawn and this is a good sign....

“To conclude, I will say the following: it is absolutely clear for us, Germans, and for all Europeans that sustainable security cannot be built against Russia but only with Russia. We are united on this point, both in NATO and the European Union. Therefore, a solution must be found. However difficult the situation is now, I would not call it desperate. Now we must act courageously and responsibly.

“I will say that war in Europe has become unimaginable for my generation, and we must make sure it remains so. Our duty as heads of state and government is to prevent a military escalation in Europe.”

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