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Brazil UN Envoy Explains Famine Is a Threat from ‘Selective Sanctions’ on Russia, Affecting Fertilizers and Wheat

Feb. 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—Brazil’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ronaldo Costa Filho made specific reference to the danger of world famine exacerbating as a result of the impact of the sanctions imposed in the rush to punish Russia over its intervention in Ukraine, when he addressed the UN Security Council meeting, on the question of convening a UN General Assembly Special Session on Ukraine and Russia. Ambassador Costa voted for the resolution initiated by the U.K./U.S. combo, but expressed “misgivings about the timing and contribution” of such a General Assembly meeting, given that the Security Council “still has a role,” and he urged a ceasefire, humanitarian support, and support for a “process of dialogue” to solve the crisis.

He specifically identified that there are dangers from “the supply of weapons, recourse to cyber attacks, and the application of selective sanctions, which could affect sectors such as fertilizer and wheat, with a strong risk of famine.”

He then warned that supplying of weapons and imposing sanctions, etc., “enhance the risks of a wider and direct confrontation between NATO and Russia,” and it is therefore our “duty” to stop and reverse such escalation of the crisis.

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