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Mexican Social Media Interview Features Schiller Institute Petition for New Security and Development Architecture

Feb. 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—“El Mercurio, Now or Never,” an alternative media YouTube channel with a subscriber base of 132,000 which extends across the Spanish-speaking world, announced its interview with the Schiller Institute’s Dennis Small hours before it was posted on the channel this afternoon, under the title, “The Nuclear Button Has Been Activated; It Is Time To Negotiate New Rules.” Over a thousand people were watching the 54-minute, Spanish-language interview by the end of the live broadcast, and over 10,000 views were registered by Monday night, Feb. 28.

During the interview, host Antonio Váldez urged his listeners to read and sign the Schiller Institute petition, telling them that he had signed it, and they should too. In the three hours after its broadcast, over 25 people not before in the Schiller Institute site had signed the Spanish petition, from Spain, Mexico and other Ibero-American countries. Váldez posted a link to the petition in the “Description” section of video, which included this characterization:

“Dennis Small asserts that, behind the very real danger of global war is the explosion of the trans-Atlantic financial system. A speculative bubble of nearly $2 quadrillion in financial derivatives and debts that is already exploding. A world-wide hyperinflationary process has been unleashed, along with a collapse of the physical economies of the Western nations. London and Wall Street, the owners of the bankrupt system, are desperate to destroy any functioning alternative to their system, such as the alliance of Russia and China around the Belt and Road Initiative, which now includes almost 150 nations, and the trans-Atlantic financial Establishment has already openly stated that that is what is at stake.”

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