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‘Color Revolutions’ All Violate International Law, Says UN Expert in China TV Interview

March 3, 2022 (EIRNS)—In an interview yesterday with China’s CGTN television network, Alfred de Zayas, the UN’s first Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, said that “color revolutions” violate the UN Charter. “They are all illegal,” De Zayas told host Wang Guan in an exclusive interview.

“They all violate the United Nations Charter, and they violate customary international law. There is a very old and solid principle of international law that prohibits interference in the internal affairs of states. And this is something that has happened again and again. My country [United States], through its National Endowment for Democracy, finances any number of non-governmental organizations that essentially are there to destabilize countries. They played an important role, if not a crucial role, in the destabilization of Ukraine back in 2014. I mean, if you want to have regime change, have an election. Have a democratic election. And that is what my people violated on the Feb. 22, 2014,”

by violently overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine.

“And the poor Ukrainian people are now paying for this unconstitutional toppling of a democratically elected government.

“But as an American, I must say, I feel vicariously responsible for what my government is doing. And I have enormous sympathy, enormous compassion for the people of Ukraine who have been used in this geopolitical game. And the imperial arrogance shown by NATO, in particular by [NATO Secretary General] Jens Stoltenberg. It’s actually a violation of human rights. There is an imperial narcissism. And apparently all European countries which are ostensibly committed to human rights are complicit in it.”

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