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The City of London and Wall Street Have Declared War on Russia and China

March 2, 2022 (EIRNS)—The shooting war that has erupted on Russia’s western flank may be limited so far to only two nations, Ukraine and Russia—with the looming danger of escalation into a thermonuclear confrontation between the superpowers. But the City of London and Wall Street have already launched an economic and financial world war to annihilate both Russia and China. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire may have been forced to publicly retract his indiscreet announcement on Feb. 28 of the intent to use the “financial nuclear weapon” against Russia, but the policy of the international financial Establishment remains just that: “Wage an all-out financial and economic war against Russia.” That policy was stated to the press by two sneering, unnamed “senior administration officials” on Jan. 25. It was reiterated in a background White House briefing on Feb. 28. And it remains the constant drumbeat from the British financial press and their American shadows today.

President Biden was also coached to dedicate the first 15 minutes of his March 1 State of the Union address to an “I’m-a-tough-guy” aggressive barrage against Russia, never once addressing the very real, and very legitimate, security concerns repeatedly raised by that country about the NATO encroachment up to their very borders.

This is not a crisis unleashed by nations, but by the supranational financial oligarchy which runs the bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system. In the face of their own looming bankruptcy—does anyone really think that $2 quadrillion of financial speculation can ever be paid off?—the policy of that financial Establishment is to “shift the trillions” behind a Global Green Reset. That is a Malthusian policy of depopulation to be imposed by forcing a downshift to low energy-flux-density forms of economic activity, and by shutting down industrial activity around the world. With that policy being imposed across the trans-Atlantic sector that they control, the City of London and Wall Street Establishment clearly cannot allow China and Russia to develop and prosper, and thereby serve as an example for the rest of the world. Thus, the all-out war—military, economic and psychological—targetting Russia and China, and which is engulfing the planet today.

When Prince Charles stated at last year’s COP26 meeting that, in order to implement his Green Reset policy, “we have to put ourselves on a war-like footing” and “we need a vast military-style campaign,” he surely had in mind what has now been launched against Russia.

People in all nations are beginning to realize that they have to buck these policies of green deindustrialization and war, if they are to survive. All the more so, since there is an alternative to the suicidal policy course that has been adopted in the West. Top representatives of the Chinese government continue to extend a hand to the United States and Europe, as well as developing sector nations, inviting them to join with the Belt and Road Initiative global infrastructure policy. President Xi Jinping first proposed it to then-President Obama, who rejected the offer out of hand. The same happened with President Trump. And as recently as Feb. 28, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated that China is open to the United States participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

This is precisely the economic policy direction that is needed as the framework for the new international security and development architecture that the Schiller Institute has called for. Please sign and circulate the Schiller Institute’s call, Convoke an International Conference To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations—and organize to have this policy discussed and debated out internationally. Just as the Federalist Papers were needed to flesh out the U.S. Constitutional form of self-government, so today is an in-depth dialogue required to establish an international security and development architecture to allow for the self-government of the world community of nations—and the City of London and Wall Street be damned!

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