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The LaRouche Organization Mass Pamphlet: ‘Stop Global Britain’s Green War Drive’

March 3, 2022 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche Organization today released a 64-page pamphlet under the title: “Stop Global Britain’s Green War Drive.” There is an irony in the title which is essential for all citizens, of all nations, to grasp, so as to become what Friedrich Schiller called a “patriot of one’s nation and a citizen of the world.”

That irony is that the hysteria being riled up against Russia over the military operation in Ukraine is intended to blind the world to the actual war being fought on a global scale, against the entire world’s population. The evidence is not hidden—it is literally being shoved in your face every day, every hour, in the form of economic decay and hyperinflation, driven by the demand that the human race commit genocide against itself by shutting down fossil fuels, shutting down nuclear power plants, denying modern technology to the already impoverished and starving former colonial nations—all to “save the planet” from carbon.

Regardless of the easily demonstrated scientific fact that carbon has essentially nothing to do with the climate, the Green New Deal is the new religion of the royals and the billionaire bankers and speculators who gather every year at the Davos World Economic Forum to celebrate their demonic power to impose Malthusian genocide on the world’s population through their control of credit. Mark Carney, the former head of both the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, and a hitman for Prince Charles and the royals, proudly described their plan for genocide in a Nov. 13, 2021, Guardian op-ed:

“In April [2021], we launched the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), which now covers the entire waterfront of finance: banks, insurers, pension funds, export credit agencies and asset managers. It comprises more than 450 leading financial institutions from 45 countries. Its members have committed to managing their assets, which total more than $130 trillion, in line with achieving 1.5° C.... New loans and investments from GFANZ members will not only fund green projects such as renewable power, but will also go where the emissions are—in sectors such as autos, steel, cement—and back those companies with plans to decarbonize, while withdrawing capital from those companies that aren’t moving fast enough.”

The plan to destroy development internationally was rejected by Russia, China, and India, among others, knowing that their economic progress, as well as that of all developing nations, depends on fossil fuels (and more advanced forms of energy, such as nuclear fission and eventually fusion). This was the last straw for Charles and the Lords of the City of London—“Off with their heads!”

This is, of course, what Lyndon H. LaRouche has warned against over the past 50 years. The financial oligarchy runs the world economy and the governments of the Western world. The decisions of war and peace are made by the banking elite, while the military-industrial complex is but a subset of that imperial structure.

That is why the British and the United States were so ruthlessly driving NATO’s military forces up to Russia’s border, while a similar process is taking place in the Pacific against China. They would prefer there be no world war, for which there would be no winner, and very possibly human annihilation (but better war than bankruptcy!). The economic warfare is nonetheless war, what they so quaintly describe as the “financial nuclear option,” or the “mother of all sanctions.” Quite openly, the White House and other European leaders have declared their intent to destroy the Russian economy, while planning the same for China.

Isn’t it interesting that Russia’s military operation is described as a war crime, justifying the total destruction of the Russian economy—did we ever hear this about the “shock and awe” against Iraq, Libya, or Syria, none of which had any legal or moral justification? With all the screaming about civilian deaths in Ukraine, are there any cries of pain for the 24 million Afghan citizens now being intentionally starved to death as Joe Biden steals their money?

Mankind is at a precipice. It is heading rapidly into a new Dark Age. This can be reversed, but only by a total transformation, a new strategic architecture for all nations, which also assures the right to development for all. This is the intention of the Schiller Institute petition, “Convoke an International Conference To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations,” which you should sign and circulate. This is also the intention of The LaRouche Organization pamphlet referenced above: “Stop Global Britain’s Green War Drive.” Contact us to get multiple copies of this pamphlet, to distribute and to organize your fellow men and women. Your life depends on it.

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