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Russia Economist Glazyev Tells ‘Open Studio’ Broadcast,  a New World System Is Forming

March 10, 2022 (EIRNS)—In a March 6 interview with “Open Studio” (“Открытая студия”) internet TV posted on YouTube, Sergei Glazyev, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, whose 1998 book Genocide: Russia and the New World Order was published in English by EIR, and a friend of the Schiller Institute and LaRouche movement, presented his view that a new world economic order is developing, to replace the current bankrupt one. (In 1998, “the new world order” was George Bush’s term for that very bankrupt system that Bush proclaimed as his own.)

According to a machine translation of the video description, Glazyev said that the Anglo-American theft of hundreds of billions of dollars of Russia’s money is an act that is typical of piracy. He likened this to the British Empire’s accumulation of wealth through plundering others. He called it an inherent disease of the Anglo-Saxon financial system.

Just as the Soviet system collapsed 30 years ago, now the American-centered system has collapsed.

Anglo-Saxon politics may have the goal of destroying Russia, but in reality the West is destroying itself through imposing sanctions. Russians and others must understand that it is necessary to get rid of the dollar. It is poisonous. What need does anyone have for a currency that you can’t work with, can’t buy anything with, and which may be frozen tomorrow?

He expressed optimism that Russia has no limits to economic growth, and that with the right macroeconomic policies Russia could achieve a growth rate of 10% per year. Increasing the supply of goods, he said, is the best means of macroeconomic stabilization.

He said that the sanctions really affect only 10% of total Russian consumption. The economy will stabilize. On the issue of the “energy transition,” Glazyev said that real climatologists laugh at the idea. Humanity’s impact on the climate is perhaps 5%, whereas the Sun’s activity accounts for 90%.

He concluded by saying that if Russia creates a broad international coalition along with China and India, all American power will be blown away.

(But will the Anglo-American establishment blow apart the world rather than accept being blown away?)

The March 6 interview has just short of 200,000 views as of this writing.

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