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We Must Put an End to the Suicidal Pact of Self-Destruction

March 10, 2022 (EIRNS)—“In light of the escalating Ukraine crisis, people around the world are urgently asking themselves and their political leaders where this will all end. Is this heading towards a very big, perhaps even thermonuclear, global confrontation? Are we facing a reverse, more dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis? Will Mankind even survive?”

So begins the Schiller Institute’s petition to “Convoke an International Conference to Establish A New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations.” Today, the Schiller Institute will be publishing a list of notable signers of the petition, and leading members of the LaRouche movement will be publicizing it broadly, through social media and other means.

The international conference called for cannot consist only of those nations already coalescing into a new paradigm of international relations. Without the involvement of leading trans-Atlantic countries, emphatically including the U.S., it were impossible to establish a new system on this planet.

The reasons are economic and strategic.

The enormous speculative financial bubble—valued in the quadrillions of dollars—and the increasing mountains of central bank money gushing in to keep it afloat, are running up against reality. Galloping inflation, caused by money-printing and green anti-growth/anti-human policies, is being lamely blamed on Vladimir Putin (as are seemingly all of the world’s ills).

The people of the U.S. and EU are told that skyrocketing energy prices are Putin’s fault, that the physical economic dislocations caused by sanctions are Putin’s fault, and that all manner of inflation and price increases are caused by Putin personally.

A new weapon of mass destruction is being created—a misled and thoughtless population, led by the nose to righteously denounce the latest authoritarian boogeyman while their own nations create the conditions for warfare and economic misery.

The answer is a Peace of Westphalia approach, to create an integrated security and development architecture that sees the benefit of the other as the goal of nations and of individuals. It is for such a new paradigm that the people of the trans-Atlantic, in particular, must agitate, to prevent their nations from marching into a strategic confrontation in which one false move, one simple mistake, could lead to a chain reaction that would unleash nuclear war from which mankind might never recover.

“It is time for institutions and individuals from every nation to step forward and join the mobilization for an international conference to establish a new security and development architecture for all nations,” concludes the statement.

Look to the Schiller Institute website during the day today for an announcement on the petition, and for what you can do to make that new architecture a reality

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