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Former WMD Inspector Scott Ritter Briefs Galloway on Ukraine Bioweapon Labs

March 12, 2022 (EIRNS)—Scott Ritter, a former Marine intelligence officer who served as a UN weapons inspector in Iraq, who has both knowledge of bioweapons and excellent sources in the military, laid waste to the Anglo-American effort to deny the Russian exposure of the U.S.-funded and -controlled bioweapons labs in Ukraine. In a special, extra interview by former British MP George Galloway, beginning on minute 37:00 on his “Mother of All Talkshows” (MOATS) internet TV channel, Ritter began by explaining that the effort by Victoria Nuland and others to claim the labs were for research, not for weapons, was bogus. “The U.S. is walking a thin line regarding what is legal and what is not under the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention.” He remarked that the head of the Convention had warned before the Russians began their military operation that there was a danger if a lab were bombed and the power went out, the frozen pathogen samples could melt and leak. Ritter further stated that several of the labs were formerly Soviet weapons labs, and scientists save their work. “So yes, these are weapons labs.”

He said he expected the Russian forces to use overwhelming power, “which they are fully capable of doing.” But they did not, and Ukrainian families still in the country have told their relatives overseas that the Russians have been polite, and even withdrew in several cases when Ukrainian forces counterattacked an area they had occupied, because they did not want to fight in civilian areas. A Russian general said they were using “the tactics from Syria,” not, as the Western press claims, by flattening Aleppo, but the opposite—by surrounding it and allowing the jihadists to leave on buses, so that there would be no urban warfare. He said a Russian team of special forces entered Kharkiv to negotiate moving through, but the mayor who negotiated with them was murdered along with the Russian team by the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

Ritter said he believes the time for Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy to accept Russian demands may be running out, and the Russians might switch to full-force tactics. He termed Zelenskyy as “bipolar,” offering compromise one day and posing as a hero the next. “He is managed by the CIA-MI6 crew. His speech to the U.K. Parliament and to the Congress were written by CIA and MI6 controllers. Shame on the Parliament and the Congress for allowing their intelligence agencies use them to propagate such lies,” he told Galloway.

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