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The Real Chance for Peace Is Coming Into View—from the Schiller Institute

March 14, 2022 (EIRNS)—Although nearly daily negotiations are taking place between Russian and Ukrainian teams, NATO’s leading U.K. and U.S. governments and media have mobilized to prevent any successful settlement from emerging, as fiercely as they have mobilized to destroy Russia’s economy and overthrow its President Putin. Prominent international figures from Europe to South Africa who attempt, or are even suspected of attempting to mediate the military conflict are attacked in the media to discredit them, hounded by “pro-Ukraine” activists and “cancelled” with Ukrainian officials. When China’s government proposed to work with major European governments to find a peace solution, U.S. officials quickly sent out “leaks” and loudly demanded that China either capitulate and join the entire range of NATO sanctions to destroy Russia’s economy, or be marked a Russian military ally in the war. All of this is described in today’s EIR Daily Alert.

Moreover the Ukrainian President knows full well, from public statements and occurrences, that if he makes the slightest concession to the “republics” of the Donbas or to Crimea, Ukraine’s neo-Nazi paramilitaries will “hang him to a tree.” President Zelenskyy’s constantly changing and maximalist public demands weigh on the peace talks.

The clear truth is that the NATO powers led by the British and United States do not want the conflict settled or the war ended before they have reached their geopolitical goal of the destruction of Russia, for which Ukraine since 2014 has been just the ram at the prow of the battleship. Daily these powers push closer to threatening a world war—nuclear war—believing Russia won’t dare.

But amid the great pressure for war to the bitterest end, the chance for a real, durable peace is arising from another direction entirely. The Schiller Institute’s call for an international conference for a new strategic architecture based on economic development has taken off, each day signed by more and more prominent people, and thinking citizens, around the world. The economic development strategy proposed in the call as the antidote to war, is that of Lyndon LaRouche. With the trans-Atlantic financial system hyperinflating and the NATO countries sanctioning themselves into an economic collapse, LaRouche’s “four economic laws” are the only workable chance.

Leading LaRouche voices in America and Europe, accustomed to reaching for several thousand viewers of their daily briefings on the web, are suddenly registering tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of views, and growing. A press release announcing a first group of more than 125 prominent signers on the Schiller Institute call to Convoke an International Conference To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations has itself been read by thousands, and those leading individuals have begun to release their own statements and interviews on why this call, why these economic principles can work to build an escape from an extreme human crisis.

The Schiller Institute’s bullhorn is suddenly being heard much, much further out, and by many more. Its activists realize the responsibility this puts on them. They are working to place Ukraine’s needs for development—it had become Europe’s poorest country before this war—within the great infrastructure projects of what Lyndon LaRouche called the Eurasian Land-Bridge and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

This new mobilization is not noticed in the media? Don’t worry—you are now living in a period of crisis which arouses all the most self-directed people to find out for themselves what has to be done. Agitated by economic threats to their very survival now, thinking people are not satisfied with the media; they want to understand what is happening in the world and help create solutions for it. They want to think about, not just their own predicament, but the needs of their nation and the human race.

This is the kind of crisis, demanding a creative, unexpected solution, which the poet Percy Shelley first wrote about 200 years ago; when increasing numbers of people are drawn to the power of thinking they hear in great poetry, or witness in Classical dramas. The pace at which the Schiller Institute’s call is growing, is demonstrating that power.

The danger of world war, or of a hyperinflationary explosion of economies, is very great. The pace of thinking and acting for mankind must increase more.

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