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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Recommends Some Questions European Media Had Better Be Asking

March 18, 2022 (EIRNS)—At today’s press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian faced multiple, nasty questions from Western reporters seeking to pin down China as refusing to denounce Russia for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, war crimes, etc. Zhao refused to kowtow to the media hyenas, and responded to “badgering” from AFP:

“There is no point in badgering us on this question. I also have a question for you. As a journalist working with AFP, a mainstream media and news agency in Europe, you need to think about the following questions. As the culprit of the Ukraine crisis, why does the U.S. keep smearing China instead of reflecting on the security predicament in Europe caused by the eastward expansion of U.S.-led NATO? Why doesn’t the U.S. listen to the observation by Dr. Kissinger and other experts that Ukraine must not be either side’s outpost against the other?

“Why doesn’t the U.S. reflect on its hypocritical move of watching the fire from across the river after fanning the flames? I am not sure if it occurred to the Europeans that the U.S. was fully capable of pushing for NATO’s Eastward expansion but sent no troops to support the Ukrainian people. Did you forget that the U.S. was among the first to evacuate civilians and diplomatic personnel from Ukraine? Have you ever imagined that the U.S. would never send a single soldier to fight and die for Ukraine?

“You are associated with a media outlet from Europe. Did you ever think about why has Europe become a battlefield and a wrestling ground of major-country rivalry? Why has Ukraine become a pawn to be sacrificed in major-country rivalry?

“Maybe our friends from major European media outlets should also raise these questions to the U.S.”

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