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London’s Telegraph ‘Confesses,’ Azov Brigade Are Nazis, but They Are Good Nazis

March 19, 2022 (EIRNS)—Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph in London ran a long apology for the neo-Nazi Azov Brigade in Ukraine, admitting they were indeed Nazis, but that they were doing a wonderful job in killing Russians and stopping the government in Kiev from making any compromises with Moscow or the Donbas republics. Under the headline: “Inside Azov, the Neo-Nazi Brigade Killing Russian Generals and Playing a PR Game in the Ukraine War,” the Telegraph essentially admits that the British were fully behind the Nazis—as they were when they sponsored the rise of Hitler as a way of getting Germany and Russia to bleed each other to death for the sake of the Empire’s glory.

“While most of Ukraine’s armed forces have been quietly engaged in the grind of a gruelling tug-of-war with Russia, one battalion has been busy putting out slick videos and images trumpeting its own achievements. In a photograph released this week, a burly man in dark-blue uniform lies unconscious on the snow-covered ground, his right side caked in blood.

‘Azov has eliminated a major general! And by thy sword shalt thou live!’ reads the caption.”

The Telegraph decries the “long-time focus of Kremlin propaganda attempts to smear all Ukrainians as neo-Nazis,” they praise the Nazis’ ”well-oiled PR machine which has been producing Ukraine’s arguably best-quality war videos with camera drones perfectly capturing the attacks as they happen in real time. Ukraine’s armed forces have happily used Azov’s videos as visual proof of the country’s counter-attacks on the invading army.”

They note that the Azov Brigade “never held much sway in Ukraine’s politics, but videos of its occasional torch-lit marches have helped to feed the false Kremlin narrative of Ukrainians being neo-Nazis....

After the Anglo-American-orchestrated Nazi coup in 2014, they write, “the Azov Battalion was one of the several volunteer forces that took the job of fighting the separatists that the army seemingly did not want to do. Months later, prominent rights advocacies such as Human Rights Watch reported ‘credible allegations of torture and other egregious abuses’ by Azov and other volunteer battalions.”

Azov founder Andriy Biletsky is described by the Telegraph as “an ultra-nationalist political figure who had had run-ins with the law and had been involved in various groups that toyed with Nazi symbols.” They show a picture of a swastika on the wall of an Azov office in Mariupol, which they admit is occupied by the Nazis. They quote Biletsky that Ukraine’s “historic mission in this century to lead white peoples of the world on their last Crusade against Jew-led Untermensch.”

They add that “Azov fighters in the east happily rolled back their sleeves to show Nazi tattoos to foreign correspondents while Mr. Biletsky’s team were announcing the creation of local militia forces to deal with issues in big cities.”

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