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The Victorious Principle of Westphalia

March 25, 2022 (EIRNS)—The April 9 Schiller Institute international conference to Convoke A New Security and Development Architecture, and the organizing process which precedes it, can be a punctum saliens for the world. It can provide for many an occasion to—perhaps even despite themselves—gain conceptual access and insight into the primary, immediate, and indispensable role they can play, as individuals, in averting the otherwise-almost-assured short-term thermonuclear doom of the human race. The alternate security and development architecture required can be built, but only by replicating the international approach that Lyndon LaRouche took to changing a tragic policy direction, including within the institution of the Presidency of the United States, through policy creation from the outside, and from the top down, to outflank and defeat the British oligarchy’s usual control over that institution and its occupants. Whether it be “Operation Ibn Sina” for Afghanistan/Southwest Asia, the World Health Platform of the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, or the Treaty of Westphalia approach to Ukraine, an alternative, “more excellent way” must always be provided by true leadership for a time of crisis.

First, we must force into public discussion, through social media, printed media and other means, the admission of the fact, still suppressed after 39 years, that it was through the ideas and efforts of Lyndon LaRouche that the United States Presidency on March 23,1983 proposed to the Soviet Union a joint scientific effort to make nuclear weapons “impotent and obsolete,” in the words and person of then-President Ronald Reagan. Second, we must provoke military and intelligence people, government institutions, and the citizenry at large, in every nation, to do something perhaps even more frightening than facing thermonuclear annihilation—they must reject both geopolitics and monetarism as destructive, not only to their own self-interest, but also the self-interest of humanity as a whole. Third, the only way to do that, is to cause people to recognize that the true strategic problem does not lie in lethal thermonuclear weapons. It lies in the rejection of the notion that there is one human race, one human species, and that the interest of that species as a whole is the only true expression of human identity. That conception of humanity, now widely rejected, is now essential for the continued existence, growth, development and prosperity of the human species.

This week, British forces believe that they have scored a “victory for Doomsday,” at least as reported in the Wall Street Journal today. The Journal discussed what they termed “a new decision” by Biden, “made earlier this week under pressure from allies, (which) holds that the ‘fundamental role’ of the U.S. nuclear arsenal will be to deter nuclear attacks”—a subtle but significant shift from his campaign stance.”

Biden’s announced 2020 policy had been that the “sole purpose of the U.S. nuclear arsenal should be deterring—and if necessary, retaliating against—a nuclear attack.” “North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies have been particularly nervous about shifting to a ‘sole purpose’ doctrine, fearing it could weaken deterrence against a conventional Russian attack on the alliance.” While there was notable, immediate consternation and opposition expressed, exactly what are Russia, or indeed other nations, such as China and India, supposed to adduce from that?

In his March 23 article, “Will Humans Be the Next Freedom Fries?” former CIA analyst Ray McGovern points out that “U.S. pundits and strategic experts seem blissfully unaware of how close we all are to being fried in a nuclear strike by Russia.... Here’s the thing: the Russians have good reason to be on hair-trigger alert. Their early-warning radar system is so inadequate that there are situations (including those involving innocent rocket launches) under which Russian President Putin would have only a few minutes—if that—to decide whether or not to launch nuclear missiles to destroy the rest of the world—on the suspicion that Russia was under nuclear attack.” [Emphasis in original.]

Our organizing needs to induce the world to face the truth. The rejection of Lyndon LaRouche’s 1983 “Higher Peace” policy of technological-scientific engagement with the Soviet Union, first opposed by the Andropov Russian government, then slightly later by the George Bush faction in the American Presidency that also railroaded LaRouche into prison, has now placed the world on the brink of self-extinction. Now, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “The choice is not between violence and non-violence. The choice is between non-violence and nonexistence.” Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s article, “Gandhi’s Vision for a New Paradigm in International Relations, a World Health System, and Direct Non-Violent Action in Times of Social Breakdown,” should be read by all that want to understand and communicate the inner workings of the mind-set required to comprehend and implement the “Treaty of Westphalia method” proposed in our petition and conference organizing, the use of which, will turn the present inexorable “March of Folly” to humanity’s greatest opportunity.

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