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Is Operation Barbarossa II Already Underway?

March 26, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told an audience in Moscow on March 25 that the U.S., EU and NATO have already “declared a hybrid war, a ‘total war,’ ” on Russia, and noted that this was the term “used by Hitler’s Germany,” and is “now voiced by many European politicians when they talk about what they want to do with the Russian Federation.” TASS reports that Lavrov also stated that the goals are not hidden, they declare them publicly—to destroy, break, exterminate, strangle the Russian economy and Russia as a whole.

In President Biden’s final speech in Poland, after calling Putin various schoolyard names, he blurted out: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” His handlers had to walk back his open call for regime change, as they have other Biden blusters. Meanwhile, in Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi defended a senior correspondent for La Stampa who is being sued by the Russian Ambassador for openly calling for the assassination of President Putin. “It is no surprise that the Russian Ambassador was so upset,” said Draghi. “In his country there is no freedom of the press. In our country, we have it and we are much better off.” Indeed, there are few people left in the West who still believe we have a free press.

President Biden is clearly stumbling over every word he speaks when off the teleprompter. In an unscripted presentation to U.S. soldiers in Poland, Biden talked about “what you are going to see when you are there [in Ukraine].” It is not clear if Biden can’t think straight, or if in fact he has actually been informed that an invasion of Ukraine is in the works and that a regime change operation against Putin is already in place, and Biden simply can’t hold his tongue.

Then consider the headline in the Daily Telegraph on Friday, March 25: “Joe Biden Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons First in ‘Extreme Circumstances,’ ” with a subhead: “U.S. President abandons plans to water down policy to ‘retaliation-only’ amid fears Vladimir Putin may deploy weapons of mass destruction.” The spokesmen for the war party have made clear that the use of chemical or biological weapons—or even a cyber attack—can be declared to be a use of “weapons of mass destruction,” meant to justify a nuclear attack. It is also clear that a nuclear war is under preparation, as demonstrated in the U.S. Global Lightning nuclear war exercises in January. The constant refrain that “Russia is preparing to use chemical weapons in Ukraine” is appearing across the West, just as it was when the same players were preparing the false flag “chemical attack” in Syria, intended to provoke an all-out war on Damascus, which was barely averted.

While nearly all Americans and Europeans now recognize that every aspect of the current system is falling apart, from the hyperinflationary breakdown of the economy, to the filthy streets of our major cities lined with homeless men and women and drug addicts, to the increasingly haunting realization that the approaching war with Russia and China will not be “over there,” but would likely mean the incineration of entire cities, or worse.

There is fear, and pessimism, that there is no escape, which is understandable, but can not be tolerated. There have been dark ages in the past, but, as with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, after 150 years of warfare and economic decay across Europe, wiping out one-third of the population, a few leaders with intelligence and vision proposed that the entire system had to be replaced, or civilization may not have survived. The solution was the creation of a new system of sovereign nation-states in which the interests of each included the interests of the others, and all accusations of crimes by all sides were forgiven. The key to such a transformation was a dedication to a new economic development scheme, a vast infrastructure development program which advanced the productivity, and the dignity, of all people (see EIR, March 11, 2022: “The Economic Policy That Made the Peace of Westphalia,” by Pierre Beaudry). Such a plan, appropriate for our time, is the subject of the Schiller Institute conference on April 9, “For a Conference To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations.” Register, and circulate the invitation everywhere.

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