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The LaRouche Plan for a New International Economic Architecture

March 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—Preparing for its April 9 worldwide conference for a new strategic and development architecture for peace, the Schiller Institute is issuing an action plan for peace through development based on Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four New Laws” published on June 8, 2014. The full plan will be posted on the Schiller Institute website within the next 24 hours. Here is its introduction. The day-long April 9 conference is the optimistic alternative to the war-to-the-death policy expressed by U.S. President Joe Biden in Warsaw on March 26, a policy which, if followed much longer, is a doomsday machine for the human species. The conference outline and registration are posted on the Schiller Institute homepage.

Summary of the Action Plan

The developments of 2022 to date have made it abundantly clear that Lyndon LaRouche’s forecasts over the last half-century, about the unavoidable breakdown crisis of the post-Bretton Woods floating exchange-rate financial system, were shockingly accurate. World production of physical economic essentials is plummeting; hyperinflation of financial aggregates has unleashed soaring prices of consumer and producer goods, making them unattainable for a good part of Mankind; trade warfare under the guise of sanctions has erupted worldwide; and pandemics of old and new diseases have already taken the lives, directly and indirectly, of some 18 million people. World famine is pending.

Political leaders and the mass media in the West pathetically blame Vladimir Putin for all of this—and more. But the actual, underlying cause is the decades-long plunge in the “potential relative population density” of Mankind as a whole—LaRouche’s metric of the power of a society to reproduce itself at ever-rising levels of well-being, science and classical culture for a growing population—a collapse which is the result of the austerity policies imposed over a half-century by the City of London and Wall Street.

The mechanism through which this policy is being carried to its “final solution” today is a radical decoupling of the world economy into two bitterly antagonistic blocs—a militarized NATO-dollar bloc, and the Belt and Road bloc—both of which are meant to be plunged into an inferno of depopulation and war, very possibly including thermonuclear war.

It is particularly telling and terrible that what had been the burgeoning Belt and Road rail links extending from China, through Russia, and into Europe have been almost totally disrupted by the ongoing sanctions and war.

It is now time for Lyndon LaRouche’s programmatic solution to this crisis to also become abundantly clear, and acted upon, across the planet—while there is still time to do so. Against London’s Malthusian decoupling of the world’s physical economy, the nations of the world must instead be recoupled around a program of economic growth and security for each and all, a new international architecture of security and development.

The essentials of that programmatic policy were laid out by LaRouche in his 2014 Four New Laws, which are as applicable today as when they were first designed eight years ago. Under today’s circumstances of overt “total war” being waged by the financial establishment against Russia (and soon China)—which includes all the essential characteristics of strategic carpet bombing of enemy territory—an immediate Action Plan centered on those Four Laws is required:

1) Emphasis on developing the physical economy

2) Fixed-exchange-rate system among nations

3) Full-set capital and exchange controls, and directed credit

4) RIC-Plus: The RIC nations (Russia-India-China) will serve as the initiating core

5) The U.S. and Europe must join the Belt and Road

6) Reconstruct Ukraine Through East-West Cooperation

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