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Russians Claim Evidence of U.K. Foreign Office Directing Ukraine To Cover Up War Crimes

April 1, 2022 (EIRNS)—The British Foreign Office recommended that Ukraine could “whitewash” the shocking video evidence of torture of captured Russian servicemen, and that they would volunteer to coordinate the creation of an alternate narrative. Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service announced today that it has received reliable information of the U.K.’s interchange with the Kyiv authorities on this, and more. The video in question appears to have been produced by the Ukrainian fighters who had both captured and tortured the men, and it shows unarmed, passive prisoners being shot in the groin and leg areas, and wounded men in agony on the ground, being yelled at for the location of their military units and such information. Reportedly, one or more of the victims died from the treatment.

The information is that Kyiv is in a coverup mode; that specific reports show that the Ukrainian authorities are urging Western backers to encourage the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and various international humanitarian NGOs to cease any attempts to gain access to Russian prisoners of war. Further, Ukraine’s leadership told the British Foreign Office that it did not intend to comply with requirements of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, regarding adequate food or even emergency medical care—on the pretext that not all Ukrainians have adequate food or emergency medical care! Of course, there is no such “escape clause” in the Geneva Convention.

In response, the British Foreign Office recommended the manufacture of a new narrative: The Ukrainians should organize visits by the ICRC to specially selected Russians. (Presumably, it would exclude prisoners shot in the groin.) This would make it possible to “whitewash” the image of the Ukrainian authorities in the eyes of the world community. The British provided the assurance that they could arrange for only “trustworthy” representatives of the ICRC for the staged show. If the Russian intelligence bears out, the British will have to pay some royalties to the original Nazis, who staged shows at “nice” concentration camps for international observers, delaying the real stories of atrocities from getting out.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service concluded that such manipulations around Russian prisoners of war convincingly demonstrates that the authorities of many Western states, which consider themselves world champions of human rights, are not only aware of Kyiv’s gross violations of international humanitarian law, but are also trying to help him avoid responsibility. This makes them accomplices in the inhuman crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis and requires appropriate legal redress.

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