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Inflation Causing Poverty in Britain, Prompts Fear That May Also Be the Future for Germany

April 2, 2022 (EIRNS)—All major food store chains like Aldi, Rewe, Edeka announced another round of drastic price increases for standard food items by up to 50%. Butter will cost 30% more from April 4 on. Food bills will be unaffordable for low-income households, which have to also struggle with rising energy prices.

A look at the no so Great Britain is a glance into the future for Germany, whose political leaders stick to a misleading narrative that things would still be “manageable.” Another drastic increase in prices for British gas and electricity, up 54%, was imposed on April 1, when a government regulator raised the price cap for utilities. Distributors were closing down because their cost of fuel was greater than the price they were allowed to charge customers. An average household will have to pay around €2,400 a year for electricity and gas, up by €850 from before. Another 54% rise is scheduled for September 1. Experts fear that 1.3 million people will slip into poverty as a result.

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