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Kremlin Spokesman Maintains Russian Military Operation in Ukraine Is Preventing Nuclear War

April 8, 2022 (EIRNS)—Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Sky News in an interview yesterday that Russia is preventing a war between nuclear-armed powers by its special military operation in Ukraine.

“This whole story is about the future. It’s about guaranteeing our future. Just imagine a situation when a member of NATO—Ukraine—thinking about returning Crimea, attacks Russia. It attacks Russian Crimea and is using Article 5 of the NATO Charter. NATO countries, possessing nukes, will have to defend Ukraine. It should be a third world war. And what is being done is to save us from any potential threat of such a war,”

he said.

When asked whether Russia viewed Finland or Sweden’s membership in NATO as an “existential threat,” Peskov gave a negative answer, reported TASS. He also denied that those words can be used to describe Western sanctions against Russia.

Peskov also said that Russia hopes to end the operation in the near future, either by negotiation or by military means. “Our military are doing their best to bring an end to that operation. And we do hope that in the coming days, in the foreseeable future, this operation will reach its goals, or we’ll finish it by negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian delegations,” he said.

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