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Documentation Shows Ukraine’s Missile Struck Kramatorsk Station

April 10, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Tochka-U missile which struck the train station in Kramatorsk killing over 50 civilians, and immediately blamed on Russia despite their denials, has been identified by its serial number as one of the Ukraine army’s missiles, according to Moon of Alabama and many other news outlets. The evidence is that the serial number on the wreckage of the missile found near the station is from a stock owned by the Ukraine Army. The report documents the serial numbers of several other missiles fired on Donbas by the Ukraine army over the years, including one recently, showing that the serial numbers come from the same series. One differed by only one digit to the one found in Kramatorsk—9M79-1 Sh91565 and 9M79-1 Sh91579.

Russian intelligence had earlier identified the probable location of the launch of the missile as lying within Ukrainian-controlled territory. It was known that the Russian military stopped using these missiles several years ago.

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