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Bremen Peace Activists Insists That NATO Is the Problem!

April 16, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Bremen Peace Forum, which held a rally in Bremen on April 16, rejects the call by Green Economics Minister Robert Habeck and others to transform this year’s Easter March into a protest against Russia and Putin. Whereas the Forum denounces Russia’s intervention into Ukraine as the wrong approach, it locates the main culprits in the West and categorically rejects Western weapons deliveries to Ukraine:

“NATO, with its devastating wars and its $1 trillion arms budget, is a major factor in preventing global cooperation in the task of making our planet sustainable. Every day that 30,000 people die as a result of hunger, 10% of arms spending could defeat hunger in the world. Disarm instead of rearm! Down with NATO’s 2% demand! [annual GDP defense budget]

“The future tasks of mankind will only be solved through international cooperation. Military operations and trade wars make the solution of these questions more difficult or impossible.

“A worldwide ceasefire is necessary to enable the affected countries to fight coronavirus. Immediate halt to all arms exports. Sanctions lead to worsening health emergencies in the affected countries. It is cynical to rely on the impoverishment and death of thousands as a means to topple governments. Sanctions must be suspended immediately.”

The main organization to oversee the new approach is the United Nations, the Forum stresses.

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