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Biden’s Sen. Coons Doubles Down on His Push To Send U.S. Military Troops into Ukraine

April 18, 2022 (EIRNS)—While it is not clear if it is a trial balloon or just hot air, President Biden’s personal Senator, Chris Coons (D-DE), doubled down yesterday on his call for U.S. troops to be deployed to Ukraine. Coons, who was an intern in Senator Biden’s office in the 1990s and who, in 2010, replaced Biden in the Senate, is generally viewed as a barometer for Biden-watchers. When CBS’s Margaret Brennan asked him about his recent comments for U.S. leaders to discuss troop deployments to Ukraine, Coons plunged: Policymakers who are advising the President

“look clearly at the level of brutality.... If Vladimir Putin ... is allowed to just continue to massacre civilians, to commit war crimes throughout Ukraine without NATO, without the west coming more forcefully to his aid [sic], I deeply worry that what’s going to happen next is that we will see Ukraine turn into Syria.

“The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy in Ukraine. I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine and that Putin will only stop when we stop him.”

One can only hope that the man Politico tags as “the Biden whisperer” can’t be heard by the President. However, his comments last week at the University of Michigan, that the U.S. failure to put troops on the ground in Ukraine was “inviting another level of escalation in brutality by Putin,” was not only left unchallenged, but he was put on national television Sunday to say it again, more loudly.

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