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Signs of Action; Signs We’re Doing the Right Thing

April 21, 2022 (EIRNS)—Important possibilities are appearing that NATO’s war against Russia may not cause more than a billion human beings to be swept away by hunger and famine and cold this year, and that escalation to nuclear war can be prevented. They certainly don’t arise from the global bankers’ IMF/World Bank gathering in Washington this week; nor from military events or negotiations in and about Ukraine. Rather, statements and active cooperation are coming from some major nations to increase food production despite all; and the Schiller Institute’s worldwide mobilization is working to win thousands of leaders around the world to create a new strategic and economic development order before catastrophe strikes.

Direct cooperation between Russian fertilizer exporters and India’s farmers, in spite of war and sanctions devastating Russian and Ukrainian food for the world, is creating the prospect that India could increase wheat and rice exports this year by a large amount, even as war and fertilizer inflation and shortages were threatening a billion people with famine. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared his country will do it.

The Schiller Institute April 9 conference, in which thousands of people participated from around the world, to learn of a new architecture for strategic stability and respect to all nations and a LaRouche Plan for a new economic development architecture, is now triggering something larger. Hundreds of the most influential of these participants are now becoming mobilized to circulate the petition which is calling for a global conference, and radiate into governments.

Today at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in China, President Xi Jinping spoke at length of a new worldwide strategic architecture whose features are like those presented on April 9—with no coups, no regime-change wars, no unilateral sanctions—based on the UN Charter of Rights.

And the government of a NATO member, Turkey, for the first time spoke the truth, that “some countries in NATO” do not want negotiations to end the Ukraine-Russia war, but want to see that war continue for a long time. There was no need to name the British and the Biden Administration.

These are signs we are doing the right thing.

The Schiller Institute’s founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche said of the anti-colonialist struggle in her strategic webcast yesterday,

“My husband [Lyndon LaRouche] was convinced for a very long time that this is not a battle among nations. This is between the oligarchy, the financial powers in the City of London and Wall Street ... and the interest of the people. So, it’s not between the United States and Russia, or even Europe—it’s really this question of oligarchy versus the common good. And that is why he said you needed a powerful combination of countries that could resist the pressures from this oligarchy.”

That oligarchy was able to use a Russian vulnerability—to being directly, strategically threatened from Ukraine—to get the war and sudden, severe global economic punishment and pain which now exists. It is exactly what they wanted from their Great Reset, their Green New Deal.

Lyndon LaRouche warned of this already in 2011 when he pointed at that oligarchy’s vast bubble of unpayable debt.

“Remember, most of this bailout debt, the Wall Street debt, the London debt, the other bailout debt, is absolutely worthless! It can never be repaid! It never could be repaid: And the only solution, of course, for this thing, was to have this war. And if the British Empire came out as the victor in such a war, with the support of the United States, then they would cancel their debts, and they would go about their business. But, the population of the world would be reduced, greatly, through hunger, starvation, and so forth, which is about to occur anyway.”

[Emphasis in original.] He warned of it again on Russian TV news broadcast in March 2014, after the anti-Russian coup in Ukraine, when he said, “Ukraine is not really the issue. The issue is to destroy, defeat Eurasia.”

At the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in Washington April 18-24, the U.S. and European bankers talked about imposing maximum pain on Russia; but they are using the war they provoked Russia into, to impose it on the entire world. But as even the oligarchy’s own publications must acknowledge, most nations in the world regard NATO’s policy, and the war, as a catastrophe.

The way is open for every thinking human being to help undo the sanctions, end the war, create a new economic development paradigm as Lyndon LaRouche formulated it so many times for so many nations, to resolve just such a crisis.

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