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Trillions for War—Nothing for Life

April 23, 2022 (EIRNS)—There can be no denying the fact that the Biden Administration and the Boris Johnson Administration are preparing for war with Russia and China. Nor do they deny it themselves. The Pentagon has issued a call to all defense contractors “from across industry” for information on their capacity to produce weapons of various sorts, including “appropriate target types.” The White House announced that they have created a position of “coordinator of military aid to Ukraine,” recalling retired Army Lt. Gen. Terry Wolff, to expand the surrogate war with Russia being conducted in Ukraine in league with the neo-Nazis driving that war, preventing a resolution. The atrocities by those U.S. and British trained Nazis are totally public and obvious to anyone other than those so self-deluded as to believe the information warriors in London, Washington and the media blaming the atrocities on Russian forces. Boris Johnson, who is barely clinging to his position, bragged on Thursday that the U.K., like Canada, is training the Nazis both within the U.K. and in Poland, while special forces troops are training them within Ukraine, in methods of sabotage and guerrilla warfare, according to Russian officials.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will be at the Ramstein Airbase in Germany on April 26, meeting with defense representatives from both NATO and non-NATO nations to assess “how countries can energize the defense industrial base to continue the steady flow of weapons to Ukrainian forces and a larger view of Kyiv’s defense needs stretching beyond the current war with Russia,” according to a Pentagon spokesman.

Meanwhile, the global supply chain for energy and food is crumbling under the illegal and deadly sanctions imposed on Russia, feeding the speculative frenzy by the Western bankers profiting off the contrived shortages. Sri Lanka is the first nation to default on its foreign debts in order to maintain energy and food to its people, but Bloomberg Economics, reporting on behalf of the bankers holding credit default swaps, pointed to Tunisia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Ghana and El Salvador as the next likely financial carrion for the vultures of Wall Street and the City of London, with Turkey and Egypt on the close-watch list. The World Bank calculates that 60% of low-income countries are in debt distress already. How many will die in this process, if it is not immediately reversed, is a question of no interest to the fascist economists running this disintegrating Western financial system.

There are mounting calls for peace, from UN-connected professionals and academics, from Pope Francis, and others, warning that the war is threatening to escalate to a global war, possibly a thermonuclear war of horrendous consequence.

But calling for peace without posing a solution to the ongoing disintegration of the entire Western financial system, and the deadly consequences of that disintegration to the more than 1 billion people facing death by starvation and disease in the immediate months ahead, is a futile exercise. The major powers must meet to resolve the security dilemma for all nations, including Russia and China, but they must also concur on the creation of a new international economic order which puts the approximately $2 quadrillion in outstanding speculative debt through bankruptcy reorganization, using the same method as Franklin Roosevelt in dealing with the bankrupt U.S. banking system when he took office in 1933.

The Schiller Institute has re-issued its petition, “Convoke an International Conference to Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations,” updated to reflect the impact of the April 9 Schiller Institute Conference on the same theme, and the thousands who have already signed from over 65 countries. The Conference, available on the Schiller site, demonstrated that leaders of Russia, China, India, South Africa, Ibero-America, Europe and the United States can be brought together to address the existential crisis facing mankind, and to overcome the divisions fostered by the dying remnants of British geopolitics and imperial thinking. This must now be replicated in a new Peace of Westphalia among all nations.

If you have not already, sign the petition and circulate it to everyone you can.

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