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Watch Out! Britain’s Liz Truss Proclaims, ‘The Return of Geopolitics’

April 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—In an April 27 speech to the Lord Mayor’s 2022 Easter Banquet brazenly titled “The Return of Geopolitics,” U.K. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss laid out the British intention to use their war in Ukraine—which it intends to ramp up—”to reboot, recast and remodel” the current international security and economic architecture along the lines of the British Empire. This, she outlined, is to be imposed through generalized sanctions and war, and enforced by a global military and economic NATO and associated ad hoc alliances, dubbed the “Network of Liberty.”

Truss was clear that the U.K. intends to expand its war against Russia to include China, not later, now. Bragging that the U.K., unlike others, armed and trained Ukrainian troops “long before the war started,” Truss insisted that the same now must be done with Taiwan.

She explains: The UN and G20 have failed because Russia is involved. “We now need a new approach, one that melds hard security and economic security ... one that recognizes that geopolitics is back....

“The war in Ukraine is our war.” Ukraine’s victory, “a strategic imperative,” requires ramping up production of heavy weapons, tanks, airplanes. But, “we need to go further.... This has to be a catalyst for wider change. We must also apply this tough stance to the threats that are emerging beyond Ukraine.”

Those include not just beefing up the Polish military, as the U.K. is doing, and doing the same with the western Balkans, Moldova, Georgia.

“We also reject the false choice between Euro-Atlantic security and Indo-Pacific security.... We need a global NATO. By that I don’t mean extending the membership to those from other regions. I mean that NATO must have a global outlook, ready to tackle global threats. We need to pre-empt threats in the Indo-Pacific, working with our allies like Japan and Australia to ensure the Pacific is protected. And we must ensure that democracies like Taiwan are able to defend themselves.”

Global economics, too, is to be militarized, and China taken down:

“For too long many have been naïve about the geopolitical power of economics.... It’s time to wise up. Access to the global economy must depend on playing by the rules. There can be no more free passes. We are showing this with the Russia-Ukraine conflict—Russia’s pass has been rescinded.... We are showing that economic access is no longer a given. It has to be earned. Countries must play by the rules....

“By talking about the rise of China as inevitable we are doing China’s work for it. In fact, their rise isn’t inevitable. They will not continue to rise if they don’t play by the rules....

“The G7 should act as an economic NATO, collectively defending our prosperity. If the economy of a partner is being targeted by an aggressive regime we should act to support them. All for one and one for all....

“Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, geopolitics is back....”

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